Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Paul Corfield Escape to somewhere magical with these tranquil scenes by Paul Corfield. Winding through lush pastures, past sheep and glistening rivers, the beautiful artworks are a window into the heart of the English landscape.

light and shadow to depict tiny details like leaves and branches.

animals and a bridge – making them a great addition to any existing collection.

Each original painting began with Paul outlining the hills before populating the landscape with trees and bushes. To evoke the calmness of the river and lake, Paul researched reflections and the ripples on the water’s surface. Adding another dimension to the almost airbrushed smoothness of his colour graduations, Paul meticulously adds

Paul adds: “The sky always dictates the overfall feel, and the blueness in the sky has to be carried into everything else throughout. I enjoy painting hills covered in trees, especially when they are in the distance and partly obscured by haze. It’s just a fun effect to create in paint.”

Dreams of Solitude (above) Canvas on Board with Hand-Varnish | Edition of 295 Image size 71cm x 51cm | Framed Size 86cm x 66cm £550 Framed Morning Blues (top) Canvas on Board with Hand-Varnish | Edition of 295 Image size 51cm x 30.5cm | Framed Size 66cm x 46cm £325 Framed

Taking inspiration from his old sketchbooks, Paul transformed elements from previous paintings, including trees and clouds. These works also include rarely-seen details, such as a river,



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