Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Alfie’s emergence onto the art scene has been nothing short of phenomenal thus far, achieving unprecedented recognition and acclaim for his fine art photography. His now-established aesthetic is formulated by delivering an achingly beautiful composition designed to tell a story within a single frame. Think of Alfie’s portraiture as the visual representation of Sir David Attenborough’s much loved narrations in a solitary snapshot, and you won’t be too wide of the mark. Alfie’s fascination with animals began in childhood, and his enduring love for his subject matter radiates from within his work; authentic, respectful and insightful. First experimenting with photography in 2014, he saw it as a natural progression from the hours of quiet observation he had conducted at animal sanctuaries and wildlife parks across the UK. Crucially, at a time when his autism made him a target for bullying and life became unbearable, photography became Alfie’s escape, and he credits the art form with ultimately saving his life.

One of the many reasons that Alfie’s photography captures people’s imaginations, and

attention, is the sheer amount of time he devotes to achieving the exact shot he has envisaged for a particular subject. Renowned conservationist, presenter and author Chris Packham had this to say: “Alfie is a special photographer — he sees his subjects rather than just looking at them, he not only responds to their form, but also to their feeling. He has a keen eye for detail, ultra-detail, not in terms of resolution, but in terms of connection and emotion. And that is a rare and magnificent success.” Much of this new work will appear in his new book – called Wild World: Nature Through An Autistic Eye – due to be published later this year. Happily, we need not wait until then to experience the animal kingdom through Alfie’s singular gaze. His debut limited editions, each hand-signed and presented in expertly-chosen framing by our in-house team, are now available to view and purchase as both individual titles or as a portfolio of three.

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Alpha Innova Soft White Cotton Fourdrinier 300gsmMuseum Paper | Edition of 195 Image size 51cm x 33.5cm | Framed Size 76cm x 62cm £395 Framed



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