Fine Art Collector | Spring 2021

Roxy Winterburn

Following on from the success of her debut Circle of Life collection, Roxy Winterburn still felt she had several ideas to explore, resulting in the second instalment of the collection, aptly named Circle of Life - Togetherness . Delving into the relationships between two animals, she explores the individual stories behind her sculptures. Each duo goes through a labour-intensive process, being hand-sculpted, cast, welded and chased by Roxy. As a first-class chemistry graduate, she even formulates her own patinas which means the finish of no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.

Roxy’s adorable rabbits and owls capture the protective and nurturing relationship between mother and child, an emotion she says “we have all seen first-hand from parents with their children”. Both show a strong family link, something that resonates with Roxy who works alongside her father, Steve Winterburn, every day in their family foundry in Yorkshire. Affectionately embracing one another, Roxy’s cats explore the exciting stages at the beginning of a relationship. When creating this piece, she told us: “I really wanted to try and capture those special moments at the very start of a romance.”

“Owls are such beautiful, elegant creatures. We have a resident barn owl in the barn across the field from us and luckily we often get to see her out and about in the night.”

Cute as Buttons Bronze Sculpture | Edition of 25 Sculpture size 280 x 270 x 140mm £2,950 Framed

Sugar and Spice Bronze Sculpture | Edition of 25 Sculpture size 300 x 290 x 220mm £2,950 Framed



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