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decide to hit us with another snow storm. Taking a moment to check in on your elderly or sick neighbor to see if they’re okay — or even taking time to shovel their walkway without claiming credit — can make their day a whole lot better. Even when the weather isn’t hectic, offering to rake leaves, carry groceries, or even walk the neighbor’s dog are simple activities anyone can do to help the people around them. Random acts of kindness fit perfectly into our modern world. Everyone needs a little kindness in their life, and anyone can give it. We are all so busy getting through our days and weeks that it never feels like we have any extra time. There are many local charities that would gladly accept the winter clothes you stopped wearing a year or two ago, and local food banks would certainly appreciate your extra canned goods. Taking a few extra minutes to pack those items up and drop them off before or after work helps the charity, and it will make you feel good. Do you have a teacher, former boss, or coworker who inspired you or taught you something valuable? Take a few minutes to reconnect (even by email) and let them know that you are thinking of them. Is there someone who helped you or someone in your family? Next time you’re running errands, pick up a greeting card or a note card and surprise them with it. I guarantee it will make their day. There’s a quote by the Dalai Lama that I think sums this up perfectly. He said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Maybe someday, if we all work a little harder, every day will be a random act of kindness day. –Steven Brooks "I believe that small acts of kindness can go a long way, no matter the gesture."

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS A Little Gesture Can Go a Long Way

they never reach out to see how they could help someone else. There’s a lack of empathy in many people these days, but I believe that small acts of kindness can change the world for the better, a little at a time. Random acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes, and in times of need they are especially important. You never really know what you’ll do for someone else. It could be that a person was having a terrible day, but because you went out of your way to smile at them or give them a friendly greeting, their day got a little brighter. However, many individuals don’t realize they can make a difference. We’ve had a lot of crazy weather over the past couple of months, and nobody knows when Mother Nature might just

National Random Acts of Kindness Day happens every year on Feb. 17, and it's a great opportunity to be kind and help people however you can. This holiday has grown in popularity over the years and has inspired many individuals, groups, and organizations around the world to be kind to one another. I believe that small acts of kindness can go a long way, no matter the gesture. Recently I was in an airport thinking about how nice it would be if all the people who were so focused on their phones or other electronic devices were to put them down and say something nice to the person next to them. Many people today seem to lack a personal connection with everyone around them; some are so focused on their own lives that


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