Aberdeen Smiles June 2017

June 2017

Aleaha Fettig, DDS Valerie Drake, DDS

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Dr. Drake Comes North Home Sweet Home in Aberdeen

provided everything we’d need to survive a South Dakota winter. Finally, we found an apartment that I absolutely love. It’s the perfect size for us, and yes, it has a garage. After my husband and I are settled, our youngest son will be coming up to stay for the summer. He’s in between his first and second year of college, and he looks forward to spending his break in a different place where he can relax and make some new friends.

Hello, Aberdeen!

“I have already gotten to know this town so well, and my husband and I are both looking forward to officially calling Aberdeen our home.”

I’m excited to announce I will finally be moving up from Texas to Aberdeen on June 15. All the details have been settled with the dentist taking over my old practice, and I know all of my former patients in Harlingen will be in good hands. Now I’m free to come help Dr. Fettig take care of all our new patients in Aberdeen full time. This move could not come soon enough. I’ve been flying up every month, and this last time, I accidentally called the Hampton Inn I’ve been staying at during my visits “home.” Not that it didn’t feel homey. The staff at the Hampton are always so kind and welcoming, like everyone I’ve met in Aberdeen. This is a place full of great people who are very caring and so down to Earth. I have already gotten to know this town so well, and my husband and I are both looking forward to officially calling Aberdeen our home. We’ve lived in Texas together for the last 20 years. The Lone Star State has been good to us, but we are excited to start this new adventure in our lives in a place that already feels like home. It just happens to get a bit colder up here. When we began to look for a new place to live, my husband and I quickly learned there were a lot of things we needed to think of that we never had to worry about in Texas. Apparently, it’s pretty important to have a garage up here, and basements are also a big deal. It’s been fun and educational to learn about all these things. Throughout the whole transition, finding the perfect home for us was the most challenging part. We’ve been looking at houses, apartments, and even condos, trying to find a place we liked that

Once we’re in Aberdeen, I don’t think it will take too long for us to get settled, which is a relief. I want to jump in as soon as possible. Dr. Fettig and I worked together for two years down in Texas, and I’m eager to practice with her again. Plus, I’ll finally get to join the office volleyball team, go bowling with everyone, and do all the fun activities I’ve been missing out on. There’s a lot about living in Aberdeen I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t wait to officially be a part of this awesome town!

— Dr. Valerie Drake

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