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The Water of Life In Drought, One Man Fights to Save African Wildlife

Drought has ravaged much of Kenya. The government declared a national disaster in February of this year. It’s a drought that stretches through much of the Horn of Africa, into Somalia and Ethiopia, two countries that form the northern border of Kenya. Facing ecological disaster, a Kenyan pea farmer, Patrick Kilonzo Mwala, took it upon himself to save Kenya’s extraordinary wildlife — or at least do what he could with incredibly limited resources. He fills up his water truck and delivers what he can to a nearby water hole. On the verge of drying up, it’s a source of water the local wildlife depends on for survival. On any given day, elephants, buffalo, zebras, lions, and others compete for a chance to get their fill. Relying on donations from supporters, Mwala transports about 12,000 liters of water, or just over 3,100 gallons, to the water hole four times a week. The trip between his farm and the water hole is 45 kilometers (27 miles) round trip.

After making dozens of trips, Mwala says the animals now anticipate his return every other day. The animals will approach his truck, eager for a drink. On his Facebook page, Mwala posted, “Big giants … coming toward our truck with no fear, for we have a precious commodity they missed.” The Kenyan government hopes that this year’s rainy season brings relief, but in the meantime, Mwala will continue to do his part, dedicated to his task of bringing water to the animals four times a week. As part of his ongoing conservation efforts, Mwala even founded a volunteer organization called Tsavo Volunteers, which you can learn more about at tsavokenya.org.

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