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This year marks my 25th wedding anniversary, and it’s incredible to think about all the adventures we’ve embarked on together. Twenty-five years ago, we honeymooned in Paris, and it was filled with all the magic you can possibly imagine when you think of Paris. It holds a special place in both our hearts, which is why we were so excited to go back in January, both to celebrate our anniversary and my husband’s birthday. The first time you venture into the old part of a European city, you suddenly and swooningly realize how much history you’re standing in the middle of. Everything is so reminiscent of a time untold except in books and movies, which just can’t give you the same experience. The architecture is inspiring, there are flower markets on every corner, and you never want for cheese shops, bakeries, and butcher shops. You can walk nearly everywhere, and you do it among endless history and culture. It’s really no wonder Paris is deemed one of the most romantic places in the world. Seeing as we’re also avid foodies and lovers of art, there’s really no place better for us to go. There’s a perfect little creperie formerly called Gargantua (now Boulangerie Saint-Michel) that made such an impression on our taste buds that it’s now emblazoned in our minds. We could find that place blindfolded if we had to. I always go for a raspberry crepe, and my husband’s favorite is Grand Marnier and butter. We wrap them in bags, take them to go, and try to eat slowly while discussing what bread, cheese, and wine to pick up for lunch later on. Only in Paris. When it comes to art, we manage to see something new every time we visit because there’s such a vast array that you hardly know where to begin and can find no way to end. We love the Musée d’Orsay because we’re fans of impressionist art. The Louvre is always fascinating, but we’ve learned to visit less popular locations so we can see more. We finally had an opportunity to visit The Musée Picasso after years of wanting to go, and it did not disappoint. I’ve personally come to love sculptures and can never get enough of the Rodin Museum. But the truth is I’m not sure I’d be an art lover if it weren’t for my husband. He’s always loved art and even paints as a hobby. He introduced me to the appreciation you can have for art and showed me there’s more to it than ABOUT THE CITY OF LOVE THERE’S A LOT TO LOVE 15373 Innovation Dr. #175 | San Diego, CA 92128 | (858) 675-1133 12171 World Trade Dr. | San Diego, CA 92128

Paris 2020

Paris 1995

thinking something simply “looks nice.” He took the time to offer me insight about artists and the techniques they used. Through him, I found that the more you know about what you’re looking at, the more appreciation you gain for it. Exposing yourself to something through someone who has a true passion for it opens you up to the capacity to love it like they do. That’s why we’ve made it all the way to our 25th wedding anniversary. We share our insights and opinions constantly, but it’s never with the intention to change the other person. We accept each other for who we are. We enjoy each other in everyday life, like when we do the dishes or sort the laundry. And when we travel together, we get to share moments that are new to both of us. Life is about creating memories, but I truly believe that having someone to create them with makes those memories all the more special when you look back on them. Appreciating each other in that way has become the secret to our success.

–Beth Scalone

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