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Even though road trips offer you a break from the monotony of your office, the stiffness in your muscles and joints that comes from sitting in one position for too long can follow you onto the road if you’re not careful. Whether in front of a laptop or behind the wheel, taking the opportunity to stretch and exercise on your summer road trip is a great way to prevent the soreness from following you back to the office. Here are a few stretches to keep in mind for the next rest stop. For theNeck Reach your left arm over the top of your head and touch your right ear. Then, gently pull your head to the left and hold it there for 15 seconds. Repeat this process with your right arm. LIMBERING UP


For the Chest Stand in front of a door frame with one hand pressed on either side and your elbows at 90-degree angles, then lean forward. This will cause your chest muscles to open up. Hold this position for 15 seconds. You can do a similar stretch by bending downward while keeping your hands on your car door in front of you, stretching your entire upper body. For theHips While you’re driving, a good way to prevent sore hips is by making sure your knees are slightly elevated above them in your seat. Once you have the opportunity to stop, try doing some hip flexors. Kneel on one knee, slowly push your pelvis forward, squeeze your shoulders back, and open your chest. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then repeat while kneeling on the other knee. For the Legs To stretch out your hamstrings, place your right heel on a small step. Extend your arms upward, and then lean your upper body forward. You’ll feel a pull in the back of your upper leg. Once you’ve done this for about 15–30 seconds, repeat the process with your left heel. The road may be long, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel it in your muscles. If you stop every couple of hours and take some time to limber up, your body will thank you.



Personal injury litigation protects victims from negligent drivers, insurance companies, and businesses, but another subset of civil law is designed to aid the masses of people who face injuries due to a company’s oversight. Mass tort cases often involve litigation after a defective product has left hundreds, if not thousands, of people injured and in need of compensation. This component of civil law is recognizable to anyone who catches an infomercial about these cases on late- night television, but these cheesy commercials are no laughing matter. They help spread the word of attorneys fighting for well- deserving clients. Millions of dollars in compensation have been awarded to injured hernia mesh patients, thousands of soldiers are joining lawsuits after 3M was recently ordered to pay the government $9 million for selling defective earplugs to the military, and a middle-aged gardener was just awarded an incredible sum after Roundup was found to be the cause of his cancer. Subsequently, these products are no longer sold in these defective capacities, and the credit for this level of consumer safety goes to mass tort cases.

the thousands of people injured by a negligent company, it can be difficult to feel like your voice is being heard. Our firm’s job is to be your advocate as we work with the law firms bringing these lawsuits to court.

When you work with us, you can expect the following:

1. We provide an explanation of your rights, making sure you understand this process and what to expect moving forward. 2. We will help you collect and file the appropriate paperwork. This includes compiling medical bills, collecting records, and managing your intake process with the firm that is bringing the case to court. 3. We will consistently keep you up-to-date on your case. You deserve a local representative who is going to make sure you get what you deserve. Don’t let a negligent company get away with causing you and your family pain. Learn more about how the legal experts at the Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C. can help you by calling 229-888-0888 or visit

At the Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C., we have joined the fight against these irresponsible companies. When you’re one of

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