Tertiary Pathways 2022

Required & Recommended Background Subjects

Arts / Humanities It is possible to begin all Arts / Humanities (BA) majors (Anthropology to Tourism, Languages and Cultures) without a background in those subjects – even languages. Students who enjoy subjects at school such as English, History, Classics, Media Studies and Drama are encouraged to consider the full range of Arts majors as options for study. Music Performance students should have a background in music and are required to audition. Specialist Degrees Law (LLB) Each year we field many questions from students, teachers and parents regarding prerequisites for first-year courses. Students are keen to know which Year 13 subjects they should take in order to best prepare them for success in their chosen university programme. Below is a list of programmes offered by the University of Otago, and recommended school subjects. Most of these are not compulsory but are useful for best preparation. The Key The Language-rich* category includes reading, research and written communication based subjects such as English, History, Classics and History of Art, etc. (+) Background learning useful (++) Background learning recommended If you have questions about course requirements, please contact the Liaison Office: liaison@otago.ac.nz

Language-rich* ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

Other Drama, Debating Social Sciences Social Sciences, Religious Education Music Drama, Music, Dance Focus on teaching areas Year 12 English, Mathematics and Sciences

Social Work (BSW) Theology (BTheol) Music (MusB)

Performing Arts (BPA) Teaching (Secondary) Teaching (Primary/Early Childhood Education)

Commerce / Business

Statistics ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

Calculus + + ++

Language-rich* + + + + + + + + ++ +

Other Accounting, Business Studies Economics, Business Studies Accounting, Economics, Business Studies Business Studies Digi Tech, Business Studies Economics, second language, Business Studies

Accounting Economics Finance Human Resource Management Information Science International Business Management Marketing Management Philosophy, Politics + Economics (PPE) Tourism


Business Studies Business Studies Economics Geography, Tourism, Business Studies

Health Sciences – Required Background Subjects to Year 13


Biology 14 credits L3




Language-rich* Other 10 credits (5 reading, 5 writing from L2 or L3 English) L2 Biology recommended

Oral Health

Dental Technology


14 credits L3

14 credits L3




Radiation Therapy

16 Level 3 credits in: Physics or Biology / Maths or Calculus or Statistics / English or Te Reo or History or Art History or Classics or Geography

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