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EDUCATION Early Childhood Education

ENGINEERING We recommend that students interested in pursuing our four-year Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) or the three-year Bachelor of Science degree complete NCEA Level 3 Mathematics or equivalent. If you haven’t completed the required level of Mathematics, you are welcome to speak with us—we can suggest introductory courses that can meet prerequisites for the core courses. We encourage students interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Graphics and Games to take Calculus, while we also recommend Physics for Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Knowledge of te reo Māori is useful as all student teachers are required to use this proficiently by the time they graduate; similarly, an understanding of New Zealand history is also helpful—though both can be studied from beginner level at the University. Secondary Teaching If you want to teach at secondary level, you should include the subjects you wish to teach in your undergraduate degree. You should choose teaching subjects that relate to the New Zealand school curriculum areas. We recommend that you take one teaching subject as a major, and another to at least 200 level. Primary Teaching Any undergraduate degree can be used as the basis for admission to primary teaching programmes. If you are planning your undergraduate degree with the intention of undertaking a teacher education programme in the future, you should embrace the opportunity to study a broad base of curriculum areas, including mathematics, sciences, social sciences, and te reo Māori. Subjects such as Early Childhood Education, Education, Mathematics, New Zealand Sign Language, Pacific languages, Psychology, Statistics, and Te Reo Māori will be particularly useful for those wishing to undertake a primary teacher education programme. Recommended school subjects for the Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood include a balance of sciences, Mathematics, and essay-based subjects such as English, Geography, and History. Creative subjects such as Design, Music Studies, and Practical Arts are also useful. Any undergraduate degree can be used as the basis for admission to the Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education). Useful subjects to prepare yourself for an early childhood education teaching programme include those that develop your knowledge on the broader context of education and society. A major in Education is a good option for those considering early childhood teaching.

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*Where Mathematics is a prerequisite, Calculus or Statistics would also be sufficient

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


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