GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022



It is with great pleasure that we present to you an analysis of our formidable Year 12 results for 2022.

At The Glennie School, we celebrate our uniqueness and achievement in a range of areas. We build our community through the knowledge that the educational journey of each of our girls is accomplished through the student, the School, and caregivers joining together and supporting each other in this goal. It is no secret that the world we now live in requires this - nothing is simple and no person is an island. At the heart of this, we feel that the character of the young women in our care is what is most important and there is no doubt that the Year 12 cohort of 2022 possessed this in spades. Success for young people navigating an increasingly competitive educational environment is all about balance. It is a juggling act for us all to manage and one we feel the girls do very well at Glennie. We have a deep love of community service, performing arts, sport, and academia, all underpinned by the deep faith in our spiritual journey. This is our culture; this is who we are. Glennie girls appreciate conventional academic scholarship and also value the notion that striving for personal excellence involves human connection, staying committed, and giving back to the community. This Glennie spirit stems from an Anglican ethos and belief that “a comprehensive education of the mind intentionally engages students’ heart and soul

for the purpose of being in the world in a way that enriches a greater and common good”. (Anglican Schools Commission). Whilst this report celebrates the gifts of our top academic performers, we congratulate and celebrate the achievements of every 2022 Glennie graduate. There are outstanding results obtained through talent and effort. To do well is one thing; to do well and realise that our capacity to do so is a gift that should never be squandered and should always be used in the service of others. We are proud that all graduates leave with the skills and mindset needed to face a complex and rapidly changing world. The Glennie education is a whole education catering to the interests and needs of individual students. It nurtures their inquiring minds, supports them to use a range of cognitive processes, and develops their capacity to be self-directed, lifelong learners in a wide range of contexts beyond school and this is what sets us apart. I congratulate every student on her achievement; the individuals who are highlighted in this report; the staff who have worked so hard to support the girls and the families who have been their continuing guiding force. I commend the 2022 Achievements Report to you.

Ms Mary Anne Evans Principal

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