GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022


2022 SCHOOL DUX ATAR: 99.75 Sienna Richardson

ATAR ABOVE 99.00 2 students

EARLY ENTRY UNI OFFERS 48% of students

ATAR OF 90 AND ABOVE 36% of students

TOP TWO ATAR RESULTS In the Darling Downs

83% OF GIRLS WHO ACHIEVED ATAR ABOVE 95 Completed French Immersion

French Immersion Highlights ● 83% of Year 12 students who receied an ATAR above 95 were graduates of the French Immersion Program. ● 60% of all students who studied French Immersion received an ATAR of 90 or above. ● The Proxime Accessit studied the French Immersion program. ● A French Immersion graduate received perfect external examination scores in French and French Extension. ● Of the students receiving an A for French Extension in Queensland, 21% of them were Glennie students.

Junior Years Graduates ● 83% of students who received an ATAR above 95 came through the Glennie Junior Years ● 36% of all students who came through the Glennie Junior Years received an ATAR of 90 or above. General 2022 Academic Information ● The Glennie School won the Darling Downs Science and Engineering Challenge in a pool of 32 local schools. ● Year 10 First Nations girls’, Courtney Drotini, Erika Freebairn, Cara Jones and Jayelan Lang, were awarded second

place in The Hermitage Research Facility Schools Plant Science Competition for 2022. ● Students achieved excellent results in QDU Debating, Youth Parliament, Chess and the Big Science Competition. ● Glennie’s NAPLAN results were strong in 2022 with all participating year levels performing well above state and national averages.

* Information is based on ATAR eligible students and outcomes that were disclosed to the School.

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