GLENNIE Achievement Report 2022



Q. What has been your family’s response to your result?

“WHETHER IT BE AN INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT PIECE OR FOR AN OVERALL SUBJECT, STRIVING TO BE ALL I COULD BE HELPED ME TO PUSH AND MOTIVATE MYSELF TO REACH MY FULL POTENTIAL.” Q. What words of wisdom would you share with students beginning their secondary education journey in 2023? A. Focus on what’s best for you in the long run. If you’re ultimately aiming for a high ATAR, treat each year like it’s Year 12 so that if you make a mistake on an assignment or don’t study as effectively for an exam you can learn from it and improve the next year. This way when you get to Year 12 you’ll have developed a study technique that works well for you and thoroughly understand how to write each type of assignment.

your area focus. I was a very academic student, and it was about making the most of the opportunities available to me, to achieve all that I could. Whether it be an individual assessment piece or for an overall subject, striving to be all I could be helped me to push and motivate myself to reach my full potential. Q. What are your career aspirations and what steps are you taking toward these? A. At the moment I’m looking towards becoming a cardiac anaesthetist. I’m taking a gap year to have a break from study and focus on dance, and the following year I’ll start a dual degree of Advanced Science and Law at The Australian National University or The University of Queensland. I’d then complete a Doctorate of Medicine at Harvard University before moving onto medical residency. Q. What will you miss most about school? A. I’ll definitely miss the teachers for their kindness and willingness to put up with all my questions in class. I think it will also take time adjusting to days without the regular school routine with classes and friends.

A. Mum was really excited! She went around the house screaming ‘oh my god’ while I will still just taking it all in. She was really happy, and I think pleased that i have come to the end point of this chapter, I have received the mark, and have made it through to the other side. Q. As a highly proficient and accomplished dancer, how important do you think it is for students to find a study-life balance in Years 11 and 12? What role has dance played in your senior years? A. I think it’s important to have some type of activity that you enjoy throughout high school. Whether it’s playing a sport or a weekly catch up with friends, I’d recommend regularly incorporating time dedicated to something that gets your mind off school. The night before an exam or assignment deadline I’d still study, however, I’d always go to a dance class to help relax some of the stress by focusing my mind on something else. Q. What does All She Can Be mean to you? A. For me, All She Can Be can be applied to

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