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Pedaling On the Road to Success

Do you remember the day you learned to ride a bike? Picture your younger self, eager to learn, but also scared of falling. At some point, you probably did fall. I’ve been riding my bike since I was a kid, probably 3 or 4. I started with training wheels and, eventually, my parents took them off and taught me to ride. They knew I was probably going to crash at some point, so they made sure I had the right safety gear in place — helmet, knee pads, sturdy shoes — and taught me that when you fall, you get back up and try again. As I got older, I got into trail riding and BMX. I’d take my bike to parks with ramps and hills where I could practice jumps. For several years, basketball was my main activity, and biking was something I did for cross training. After college, I turned to mountain biking, and eventually, I got my first road bike. My sister’s classmate had a road bike that they weren’t using, and I bought it from them. I got a trainer and started riding it indoors when I couldn’t go for an outdoor ride. These days, I start my day with a ride or take it out for a spin after work. It’s a mental and physical escape. It clears my mind and helps me settle into my thoughts. When I’m out biking on the trails or road, and even at home on my trainer, I find my rhythm. The spinning of the wheels and the circular motion of my feet pedaling creates a beat. I’ve found that it provides a great opportunity for me to think. I can get into something of a meditative frame of mind, especially when I’m biking outside. Of course, on the hills, I’m completely focused on using every bit of strength I have left to get to the top. I’m consumed by the feeling of accomplishment when I get there. Biking is great for people both as a way to exercise and get to work. Our attorney Ashley recently got a Peloton, and she’s been killing it on that thing! I’ve rented beach cruisers on vacations before because there’s so much joy in a relaxed ride along the beach. Once you’ve learned to Throughout my life, I’ve carried that lesson with me in all my endeavors.

ride a bike, your body will always remember how it works. Of course, you don’t get on a bike the first time and master it; you’ll fall down, but part of the lesson is getting back up. The process teaches you a growth mindset, and it’s a lesson you can return to at any age. Biking has so many parallels to life: We fall down, and we get back up. We encounter grueling uphill climbs, but they’re followed by downhill cruises. In the process, we learn that we can do it, and that’s the road to success on any journey.

–Russell Button

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