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Think Human Foundation supports projects wherever Concentrix operates and game-changers play an important role in the success of the partnerships. Local teams are involved in the project from the outset to guarantee its follow- up and success. A strong network of 40 Concentrix ambassadors in the world identify the most impactful nonprofits, co-build the projects, support the nonprofit applications on THF community portal and select the most impactful ones.

“I’d like to thank our amazing network of local ambassadors and game-changers who dedicate their skills, commitment and time to help nonprofits and local communities, on top of their day-to- day jobs.”

Mary Bonneaud Lagarde General Manager of Think Human Foundation

Concentrix game-changers all throughout the year can participate in supporting nonprofits, including with the partners of Think Human Foundation. They are encouraged to become Community Givers and can participate in different ways: give time, money, voice and things. Most of Think Human Foundation’s partners will mobilize the game- changers’ time, require them to put their skills into practice, or raise awareness of the issues facing communities in difficulty.

“After 3 years as an ambassador, I’m now joining THF team to support the communication and project management.”

Jacqueline Liwanag-Cuadro Project and Communication Manager

Make an online donation

Make an online donation

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Game-changers can offer nonprofits the opportunity of further funding via Think Human Foundation, to support its goals and increase the positive impact in the surrounding communities.

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