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Our history

“I am dedicated to steering the strategic direction of the Foundation in order to achieve its objectives and beyond, to make the most positive and meaningful impact in the Foundation's key areas of focus: climate resilience and quality education for communities with limited opportunities..”

In 2017, Shared, Think Human was the very first philanthropic entity to the business with a budget of 50k€ per year.

Philip Cassidy President, THF

Think Human Foundation is an endowment fund co-founded by Webhelp and Olivier Duha. A budget of 3M€ is donated for 10 years to support education and inclusion.

“The challenges are immense! I’m really excited to be part of this adventure . As the People Solutions Lead at Concentrix, it’s very rewarding to also be able to look at how we can support external communities.”

Think Human Foundation created a network of 30 ambassadors to seek out the right nonprofit opportunities and recruited volunteers to support the projects. These game-changers are staff from Concentrix who gave their time to support THF impact

Diane Hanson Board Member, THF

“We look not only at the quality of the projects, but also at the seriousness and calibre of the nonprofits we work with to guarantee results. It's a real opportunity to support the communities that surround us, and to contribute as individuals too.”

Think Human Foundation operated in 21 countries across the globe, impacting communities.

Jane Fogarty Secretary, THF

Shared, Think Human and Think Human Foundation reached 6928 beneficiaries in 27 countries focusing on educational projects. Concentrix and Webhelp combined their forces. The Group became Concentrix and increased its engagement and funding to empower communities

Meet our Investing Committee who ensures that THF funds are optimized and secured: • Monica Egger, Concentrix SVP, Financial Planning & Analysis • Martin Doyen, Investment Principal at GBL Concentrix Shareholder


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