Access to quality education

Social-Emotional Learning Our partners, Concordia in Austria, Foto Colectania in Spain and Glasswing in Guatemala, offer opportunities and extra-curricular activities to engage in a variety of subjects such as arts, sports, photography, and crafts Academic Skills According to UNICEF, ‘Over 600 million children and adolescents worldwide are unable to achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, despite two-thirds of them being enrolled in school. ’ • Excellence Ruralités in France sets up a pilot school with small-class learning methods while fighting against harassment at school • Enseña Perú enhances leadership skills among teachers in rural areas of the Amazon • Albero della Vita in Italy focuses on increasing knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology and Mathematics for children Create bridges with the professional world Our partner, Global Mentorship Initiative ( GMI ) has created an amazing program of 12 one-hour sessions where Concentrix teams and game-changers can become mentors for students who lack knowledge of the business world, training them on artificial intelligence, resumes and career skills.

Digital Literacy Acquiring the right set of digital skills is fundamental for learning and workforce readiness, it's also vital in fostering secure societies • Dignity for Children in Malaysia and Life Project 4 Youth in the Philippines empower young people from excluded backgrounds • Save the Children in South Africa trains young people from secondary school onwards, to prepare them for the risks of the internet and to give them a window into the world Career & Financial Skills By advocating for lifelong learning opportunities, fostering inclusive quality education ensures no one is left behind • Hope and Homes for Children Romania provides vocational training programs for young adults transitioning from the child protection system, equipping them with the skills and resources necessary to pursue employment opportunities. • Junior Achievement in the Nordics and Aflatoun in Latin America focus on entrepreneurship and financial skills • Alliance pour l’education United Way, Education for Employment Working Rite and Genç Basari help develop the skills of the youths to enter the professional world Create the best conditions for learning Optimal conditions in life and work environments are essential for individuals to thrive and maximize their learning potentials. After the earthquake in Turkiye, we were very reactive in renovating 3 schools. • Paje in Portugal renovates foster houses • Colorie ma Vie in Madagascar provides daily support in their foster houses and grants to study to students


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