Dresher PT: Sports Injuries and Post Surgical Rehab




As we are all aware, the United States has a huge drug-related crisis on its hands: over 2 million Americans have become dependent on or are abusing opioids. Over 130 people die each day in our country due to opioid overdoses. Many have become addicted to these dangerous medications when first prescribed them for pain control after being involved in an injury, trauma or surgery. The problem with opioids is that they do not CURE pain, they only alter the perception of pain temporarily. Public service announcements remind us that addiction can begin in as little as 5 days after beginning the use of opioids. So is there a better option for safe , effective and natural pain control which addresses the true root cause of your pain? Absolutely… PHYSICAL THERAPY! The Role Of Physical Therapy in Pain Control Nearly every patient that comes into our offices is seeking relief from pain. This is what we do as physical therapists! We help to eliminate or reduce pain to improve your function, mobility, health and wellness. And we do this naturally and conservatively, dramatically reducing the use of medications, injections and surgery. Physical therapy is safe and effective and should be everyone’s first-line of defense against pain. Here are just a few of the pain- fighting weapons we use on a daily basis:

• Therapeutic Exercise: to build strength, stability and flexibility

• Graston Technique: for detecting and eliminating soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue • Kinesio Taping: to reduce strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments and support faster healing • Myofascial Cupping: to release long-standing muscle adhesions and soft tissue restrictions

If you or someone you love is experiencing acute or chronic pain, consider physical therapy. Call us TODAY if you’d like to speak with one of our physical therapists about how we may be able to help you!

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