Dynamic: Don’t Ignore Back Pain

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DO YOU KNOW THE BENEFITS OF Mobilization With Movement?

Johanna Strehle (PT, Owner) and Kaytin Nelson (PTA) just returned from their training in Spokan Washington, with Mulligan Concept. The ladies spent two days learning the Mobilization with Movement techniques for treating upper extremities, including: cervical and throasic spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, and more! Benefits Of Mobilization With Movement Mobilization with movement is a manual therapy approach utilized by health care practitioners specializing in the care of patient with musculoskeletal pain. Physiotherapists, physical therapists, and other clinicians trained in the Mulligan Concept can assist individuals in improving movement restrictions, pain with movement, and functional restrictions. Mulligan practitioners seek to improve patient’s movement with the application of pain free hands-on techniques.



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