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Bio-Active Septic Tank

Commando Black Tank Cleaner Ever experience false readings from sensors or a continuous odor coming from a black holding tank? If so, most likely there is residual waste build-up on the holding tank interior walls that have dried and caked on the surface wall. Using COMMANDO Black Holding Tank cleaner removes odors

Porta-Pak Lavender Breeze Holding Tank

Deodorizer Porta-Pak Lavender Breeze, Holding Tank Deodorizer & Portion Control System is another product offering from Walex Products Company, Inc.

The fast dissolving packet disperses with-in seconds of being submersed in water, and then releases the powerful odor control technology to deliver unsurpassed long-term odor prevention.

BIO-ACTIVE uses powerful, natural ingredients to destroy and liquefy waste in septic tanks and cesspools. Use monthly to overcome the destructive effects of regularly used household products such as bleach, detergents, and chemicals. BIO-ACTIVE® helps keep septic tanks and drain fields working efficiently and maximizes tank

and sensor build-up in as little as 12 hours! It's made from a super-concentrated scientifically developed formula that is filled with natural enzymes to penetrate the walls and sensors to break down waste and paper build up in black holding tanks. 661783 CMDOBG Commando Black Tank Cleaner - 4 pk $9.99 661784 CMDOBK Commando Black Tank Cleaner - 40 ct Bulk Pack

Formaldehyde Free and Biodegradable! 661791 PPRVLAV Tank Deodorizer Lavender, 10 pk

capacity. Aids in the prevention of clogs. 661792 BIO-31115 BIO-Active Septic Tank, 5-Gal Bottle 661793 BIO-31112 BIO-Active Septic Tank Treatment, 12-Pack 661796 BIO-72240 Bio-Active 40-Oz Bottle 661797 BIO-72168 Bio-Active 168-Oz Bottle






Tropical Breeze Holding Tank Deodorizer

Kronen Premium Holding Drop-Ins Premium performance in a convenient single-use granular drop-in package.

A scientific breakthrough developed by the Walex R&D Group, Bio-Pak brand holding tank deodorizer offers a unique combination of waste-breakdown performance and portion control convenience that no other natural- based sanitation product available today can match. Bio-Pak's advanced enzyme formula deodorizes and breaks down waste in an environment-friendly manner and is safe and beneficial for use in septic tanks. 10 Paks

Bio-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer

New advanced enzyme formula, with unbeatable odor prevention. Deodorizes and breaks down waste in an

10 Drop-Ins per pouch. Each packet supplies treatment for a 40 gallon tank. For black or gray tanks. 660135 KDI013 Drop-Ins - 10 Pk

per retail bag. NEW Tropical Breeze scent! 661788 BIOTROPBG Bio-Pak Tropical Breeze - 10 Pk

environment-friendly manner. Pre-packaged portion control. No spills! Rapid breakdown of waste and paper. Formaldehyde-free formulation. 10 packets. 661798 TOI-11530 10-Pack




Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer and Cleaner Elemonate grey water deodorizer rapid dissolve tablet deodorizes grey tanks with the same odor control formula

Porta-Pak Holding Tank

Kronen RVWaste Tank

Deodorizer This holding tank deodorizer and portion control system features a strong water soluble packet that disperses quickly on contact. Take away the mess of having to measure from a bottle and

Treatment Industry best treatment keeps

as Porta-Pak. Freshens sink and drain lines with a fresh lemon scent, dissolves grease and organic sludge from sink and drain lines, and cleans grey tank sensors. Rapidly dissolves, biodegradable, and formaldehyde free. 661794 TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer, 10 pk $9.51

sensors clean and valves working smoothly. Bacteria based - great for septic systems. For black or grey tanks. 660131 KHT002 64 Oz Premium Holding Tank Treatment

enjoy the freedom of no spills. Comes in a slide zipper bag for easy storage with 10 pre-packaged portions ready to use. 661799 TOI-91799 10-Pack $11.11




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