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University and has been a licensed physical therapist since. He is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Virginia Physical Therapy Association (VPTA) and the Orthopedics Section of the APTA. Dan brings his experience as a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps and a litany of awards from marathons and triathlons across the country to inspire and encourage his patients. Additionally, Dan works actively within the community and supports many charitable organizations including Special Olympics, St. Edward-Epiphany School, Richmond ARC, Toys for Tots, and Music Mission Kiev. Dan understands the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to healing and is aware that physical therapy needs to be a personalized experience. When you visit James River Physical Therapy, Dan will work with you one-on-one to create a unique treatment program designed to meet your specific needs. He believes strongly in educating patients about their pain or injury. He will identify the sources of your impairments and help you eliminate them, as well as guide you on how to avoid re-injury. Click here to learn how physical therapy helped Dan run a 2:37 marathon at age 48.

At 19 years-old, Dan List suffered a back injury that nearly curtailed his career as Marine officer. An ankle injury three weeks prior to the 1992 Hawaii Ironman left him unable to walk without crutches. Through determined work with a physical therapist, Dan overcame what could have been life-altering injuries and dedicated himself to providing the same healing and empowerment to others. In 1999, Dan earned his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth INSIDE : • How To Take Care Of Your Back • Healthy Recipe

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Back pain can hinder your day-to-day activities. Left untreated, it can even lead to long-term joint, spine and nerve damage. As one of the most common physical complaints, over 80 percent of the U.S. population will suffer from it at some point in their lifetime.The pain itself can hinder your ability to reach, lean, kneel, lift or bend. It can also hinder your time spent with friends and family. Direct pain aside, minor aches and cramps associated with a back pain problem can make you irritable—ruining your good time. What Causes Back Pain? A few things cause back pain. The American Physical Therapy Association covers each of these, but the following can contribute: • Spinal and core muscle weaknesses • Bad posture • Spinal muscle and tissue damage • Improper lifting form • Limited hip, spine and thigh muscle flexibility • Bad abdominal, pelvic and back muscle coordination Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seek treatment when back pain arises. Before they know it, they have a big problem. They might assume nothing— except for medication—can solve their back pain problem. Medication might mask the pain, but it won’t cure the problem’s root cause.  Back Pain Solutions You’re in luck: Back pain can be cured! PhysicalTherapy is the best starting point on your journey to wellness. A physical therapist at James River PhysicalTherapy can assess your back and determine if you are appropriate to start a physical therapy program or if you need further medical OVERCOME BACK PAIN AND GET MOVING AGAIN! I S BACK PAIN SLOWING YOU DOWN? INSIDE : • How To Take Care Of Your Back • Healthy Recipe

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evaluation and imaging. Most patients are appropriate to begin physical therapy. Our physical therapist will perform a response based mechanical assessment to classify your back condition and get you started on the correct movements right away.This needs to be customized to the patient.The good news is that with appropriate assessment and a guided exercise program, a majority of patients can rapidly reduce their back pain in a short period of time.These patients can also be taught how to prevent future recurrences of pain. A comprehensive program of education, exercise, and manual therapy will often produce excellent results and get you back to doing what you love. Back Pain Prevention A little prevention goes a long way. If you want to avoid future back pain, you can make sure you’re being good to your back. Lift Properly You pick things up constantly. Even if you’re lifting something light,makesureyou’re facing theobject.Squat,keepingyourspinestraight.Lift with your leg muscles, as this will reduce the pressure placed on your spine. Use Good Posture When you’re standing, imagine a string is attached to the top of your head—lifting you up. This will keep your hips, spine, shoulders and neck aligned. If you’re sitting, don’t slouch. Use Strength Training Your body has hundreds of muscles. These muscles protect and control your spine. By lifting weights, running and swimming, you can keep them strong. Train your core muscles. In doing so, you’ll easily control quick, lifting movements. It never hurts to visit a physical therapist, either. Get regular check-ups, and make sure your body is in good condition. If you have a history of back injuries, pain or minor aches, don’t hesitate to talk to a physical therapist at James River Physical Therapy. You deserve a pain-free life, and your back will thank you.


SUPPORTED BRIDGE Lie on your back with knees bent and feet hip distance apart. Place your feet close enough so they can be touched by your fingertips. Inhale and lift the hips, place a block under the sacrum. Keep the chest open. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times. Strengthens Core www.simpleset.net EXERCISE OF THE MONTH Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

How to Take Care of Your Back

1. Make Good Posture A Habit When you are standing, feel that the weight in your feet is going through your arches. Stack your knees over your ankles, your pelvis over your knees, and your shoulders over your pelvis. Let your head be in a relaxed position without your chin poking forward. Good posture doesn’t mean holding yourself up like you’re in the army. You should be comfortable, though it might still take time to get used to a new posture, even if it’s a better one. While sitting, make sure you’re using the backrest without your shoulders slouching or your head far forward and your feet are on the floor. 2. Lift Properly Picking things up is a normal part of our day. Even if you pick up something light, your back muscles have to lift the weight of your upper torso and control that movement. Make sure you always face what you need to pick up, squat keeping your spine straight and push with your leg muscles. This helps reduce the excessive pressure on your spine. 3. Stay Flexible Flexibility is key to maintaining a healthy back. By keeping your body flexible, the normal forces of movement and lifting can be distributed across the spine, rather than focused on a few segments, which can then fail. An easy stretching routine every day can keep you feeling great and put a spring in your step. 4. Stay Strong You have hundreds of muscles, which control the movement of your spine. Major muscles that support the spine are called your core and include your abdominal, pelvic, spinal and hip muscles. By keeping your core muscles strong, you support your spine and have the ability to easily control lifting, quick movements, bending and a lot more. 5. Physical Therapy Our physical therapists are experts in evaluating spine and body movement. Byhavinga regularcheckup,youcanmakesureyourbody is ingoodcondition to tackle the activities you love. If you have a history of back pain, injury or are currently experiencing aches and pains, we can analyze your problem and construct a treatment program that will work best for your individual problem. With soothing hands-on therapy and targeted exercises, we can help you return quickly to feeling your best. Even if you suffer from severe pain, we can help you get out of pain and living the life you deserve. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Have You Met Your Insurance Deductible?

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An insurance deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before your insurance company pays for your medical services. If your deductible is met, your Physical Therapy may not cost you anything. Patients with family plans or those who have had major surgeries or have a chronic illness are especially likely to have a $0 balance remaining on their out-of-pocket expenses. This means that the cost of physical therapy could be minimal or completely covered by the patient’s insurance plan. If you are close to or have met your insurance deductible for the year, then now is the time to come in for Physical Therapy! Are you feeling aches and pains? Need to work on your core? Let us help you get a head start for 2019. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

“Dan List at James River Physical Therapy followed the protocol perfectly and soon I was back to walking with ease.” “Recenty I had knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Swanson at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Swanson offers a different, relatively painless knee replacement surgery and thus a different protocol for Physical Therapy post surgery. Dan List at James River Physical Therapy followed the protocol perfectly and soon I was back to walking with ease. I praise Dr. Swanson for her remarkable surgery technique and Daniel List at James River Physical therapy for the very effective treatment Dan provided me. Thank you, Dan!” - Joyce P.

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