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On top of revamping your social life, team sports can add some much- needed variety to your daily or weekly routine. Competing against and working with other adults with whom you share at least one interest will make you forget you’re even working out in the first place.

or as part of a team, and ask for more info on any leagues that sound promising. Another method is to do a quick internet search of teams in your area. You’ll be shocked by how many options there are. Don’t let inexperience scare you off. Many adult sports teams encourage people of all skill sets to join, and most offer a variety of experience levels to meet the needs of newbies and veterans alike. If your main goal is a fun workout, there’s a casual league out there for you. If you’re seeking the thrill of competition, opt for something a little more serious. As you participate in the sport of your choice, you’ll have opportunities to advance to the higher levels so you can stay in shape and continue to challenge yourself. If you’re stuck wondering which sport you’ll enjoy most, here are a few popular choices to consider.

It’s also critical that you avoid flowers treated with pesticides. Since flowers are already so delicate, washing them isn’t an option. Any attempt to wash away the toxins will likely destroy the flower. Instead, only eat organic flowers. Furthermore, only eat flowers you cultivated yourself or that came from a trusted source. Never pluck flowers at nurseries or along roads or trails — you never know what those flowers have been exposed to. Pick flowers when they are at their peak. You want to harvest them just before full bloom. Additionally, harvest flowers during the coolest time of day, which is usually in the morning or evening. Picking flowers during hotter times of day will cause them to wilt quickly. As you harvest them, be sure to avoid breaking or mashing them, as wilted flowers are not pleasant to eat. S occer is one of the most popular adult sports. Soccer does require a lot of physical activity — games are usually 90 minutes long, during which you will have to run up and down a large field. But you won’t need to buy a ton of equipment. B asketball is another perennial favorite for adults. It can be played casually at a park with a group of friends or competitively in a league. Both can get pretty intense when the game heats up! K ickball is a sport that requires less physical involvement than soccer or basketball, but it’s definitely fun. If you think an adult kickball league will be hard to find in your area, think again. They’re growing in popularity every year. When the gym seems like a bore, a sports team can be just what you need to pick your motivation back up. Get out there and enjoy the thrill of playing on a team!

The prospect of actually looking for a local team to participate in can be daunting. Don’t worry,

though — the process is actually pretty simple. Start by talking to your co-workers.

Learn about any sports they’re involved in, either through sponsorship

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Snapdragon — This vibrant little flower has a slightly bitter edge. P erennials Baby’s breath — The mild, sweet flavor of these white to pink flowers pairs great with dessert. Daylily — If you want a savory flower, the light summer squash taste of the daylily is for you. Tulips — This popular flower is indeed edible. When picked at just the right time, it’s mildly sweet.

Flowers are the jewels of the garden, and they can add beauty and color to your home. But did you know that many flower varieties also taste great? This spring, add a few edible flowers to your garden. After appreciating their beautiful blooms, you can harvest them and use them in a fresh salad, a unique stir fry, or as accents to an elegant dish at your next dinner party. Here are some of the best edible flowers. A nnuals Garland chrysanthemum — Used in a number of Asian dishes, this flower is mildly spicy. Pansy — From violet to pink to yellow, this flower pops, and it’s slightly sweet. Signet marigold — This flower comes in a variety of warm colors, and it leaves the palate with a hint of citrus.

Violets — Another violet to pink flower, this one has a tangy or sour flavor.

When you plant flowers to harvest for culinary purposes, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, if you have allergies (especially pollen allergies), do not eat flowers, as you may experience symptoms.


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