The Client Acquisition Machine for Realtors

Clear Process to Revenue Workflow

The biggest mistake I see business owners make when they start getting success in marketing is that they simply stop. They get busy or overwhelmed and take their foot off the gas. When they want to start things back up, they’ve lost all momentum. Test everything. Having a plan for your marketing activities doesn’t mean that once it’s laid out, it’s all said and done. It’s important to test everything. Test your assumptions, test your campaigns, test everything. It’s ok to assume things (about your business, your value proposition, your clients) but never hold these things as absolute truths unless you’ve tested them repeatedly. Innovate and adapt. An online marketing plan should eventually change to adapt to the reality of your business, the value you offer, the channels available, and the clients you’re serving now. Things change rapidly in this new economy and my mission in this book is to give you the true and tested fundamentals of a solid marketing strategy. I want to give you an overview of our clear process to revenue workflow. The goals and targets with the strategies you’re going to be deploying it is to get your team conversations with prospects. It's not just about generating leads online; it's getting conversations with prospects. Leads are great but leads really don't mean anything unless you talk to people that could use your services. We want all the leads that come in for retargeting purposes and the ability to create custom lookalike audiences, but the true objective is an actual conversation to be continued from Facebook and directly with you or your team.

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