The Client Acquisition Machine for Realtors


Clearly define what you want your business and life to look like so you can design them accordingly.

The Top Ten Clarity Mistakes Agents Make When Building Their Business

1. Short term thinking that leads to a business that won’t scale 2. Designing the entire business around yourself 3. Lack of clarity around financial expectations for the business 4. Failure to document procedures and protocol 5. No concrete plan for after sale service and value 6. Business is not structured around its unique value 7. No clear career path for it’s employees 8. No written plan exists or one does but it is too complex 9. Standards and expectations that don’t exist or are not followed 10. You forget to build the business to serve your life rather than visa versa

Too many people in business dive in head first without a clear plan. This happens all too often because so many of us start off as amateur agents before we find ourselves turning into business people. We just keep going and going, mostly focused on finding our next client. But before you know it, you have created a business with no foundation, no direction, and no identity.

Most fail to clearly to define their plan. They don’t know what they want for their business or for their life other than that they want to be successful or that they want to make money. That is not enough.

The great Yogi Berra gave us the wonderful and absolutely timeless quote that, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.”

Success in business requires a very clear sense of direction, conviction about what your business stands for, and exactly who you want to serve all tied together around a two page business plan.

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