The Client Acquisition Machine for Realtors

Purpose Statement

Every business needs a rallying cry. And this is yours. A one to two sentence statement that defines why you are in business and what drives you to crush it day in and day out. What makes you and your organization tick? It could be anything from charitable purposes, to the thrill of winning, to serving your customers at a high level, or to developing your team members beyond their wildest dreams. This is tied to what is commonly known as “your big why.”

Define Your Ideal Customer

Some refer to this as your avatar. Who is your ideal client? Where do they live? What kind of community? What price point? What lifestyle? Do you work with buyers? Sellers? Investors? Do you specialize in families or empty nesters? Horse property? Perhaps you are ultra focused on a particular type of architecture like mid-century modern homes or high rise buildings. Or maybe single level ranches. There are a ton of possibilities and combinations.

If you think about it, marketing for horse property is going to look very different from beach property, which is also going to look very different from condo living. Know who you are.

You need to have great clarity around your ideal customer and then design all of your marketing and messaging around that profile. Everything is geared toward your ideal customer from your logo design to your blog posts and online video messages. Most businesses tend to define their ideal customer as a human being willing to hand over money and buy or sell. And I am not being cheeky. It really is that general for most. The issue with that is you never know who you are talking to. Which means you can never have a crystal clear marketing message. You are trying to be all things to all people. And that never works. As an example, if you live in the metro urban area of your city and you want to live a life where you can walk to work, restaurants, and play, then don’t accept every piece of business that makes it’s way to you 45 minutes out in the suburbs. That extra piece of business is hurting you in ways you don’t yet see. If you are selling to everybody, you are selling to nobody. You should design your logo with an urban feel, feature the downtown area in your marketing photos, reference the downtown area in your videos and blogs, etc. Make it your focus and build your business to serve the life that you are looking for. This sounds obvious, but most people in the real estate industry do just the opposite. They take on absolutely everything and anything that comes their way. They go wide, but never deep. When you try to be all things to all people, two things happen: 1. You never develop true expertise. 2. It becomes prohibitively expensive to market your business and you get crushed by those that better focus their resources.

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