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Two page business plan

If you are like me, you learned in college that a business plan should be at least 40 pages long. Kiss that concept goodbye. Most of us tend to over complicate our businesses and a massive business plan isn’t going to do anything to simplify it. Plus, who actually reads a 40 page business plan? Not me. Not you. They may be useful for businesses that are looking for investors and venture capital money, but that is typically not the case. A business plan should provide MASSIVE CLARITY. It should be revisited on a weekly basis. It should be a living and breathing document that not only lays out your plan for the year but also provides a clear picture of what has to happen each quarter in order to be successful for the year. Laminate and review your plan regularly. Keep a copy everywhere you are likely to see it. Bathroom, nightstand, car, desk, etc. And make sure everybody in your organization has a copy.

Contents Of Your Two Page Business Plan And Questions It Should Answer:

1. What is your Purpose Statement?

2. What are you Core Values?

3. Where do you do business geographically?

4. Who is your ideal customer?

5. What is your unique selling proposition?

6. How does your company differentiate itself in the marketplace?

7. Who are your main competitors?

8. What are the greatest threats to your business and your industry?

9. What are your transaction sides, revenue, gross margin, and profit goals for the year, 3 years from now,

and ten years from now? How do you know you can hit them?

10. What are you company goals for the year?

11. What are your company goals for the quarter and who is accountable?

12. What are your personal goals for the quarter?

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