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. YOU SHOULD BE SHARING A PLETHORA OF PHOTOS. Photos of your niche area to be exact. Do you specialize in a neighborhood or geographical location? Here are some photo ideas . . . Take photos of the houses showing your fans the variety of homes in that neighborhood. Take photos of the streets in the neighborhood and surrounding community, giving your fans solid ideas of what the neighborhood looks like, what business may be there, how people maintain their yards, etc. Make sure to take seasonal photos and share according to the seasons. Take photos of the neighborhood entrances, the signs, etc. People really want to get an overall feeling of the area. Take photos of public areas such as parks, marinas, boat launches, public buildings, etc. Take photos of your favorite businesses, coffee houses, wine bars, restaurants, etc. Share with everyone why you love the area. In other words, take photos. Of everything. All the time. Even if you've taken photos of the same thing before. Never stop taking photos.

. VIDEO TOURS SHOULD BE SOMETHING YOU ARE DOING ALL THE TIME. Video tours do not have to be fancy, you just have to do them! Here are some things fans love to see . . Take a video as you drive down neighborhood streets. Do a street at a time. Do every street in the neighborhood. Take a video as you drive into the entrance and back out again of neighborhoods. Take a video as you drive around the exterior of a neighborhood (when possible). Take a video of your latest client as they give you a testimonial Videos help create the ambience. Fans want to know every detail about a neighborhood or community they are considering moving into. Give it to them! . ANSWER YOUR NICHE'S QUESTIONS. Write a blog post that answers questions your niche has. Not interested in writing? Record a podcast or record a video. The point is, answer questions and share that content on your Facebook page. Even better, find out the questions your Facebook fans have and answer those right on Facebook (if they are short). If they are longer, do the method I said above.

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