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1. Audience building ads

You need to run Page like Ads to build your Facebook audience.

Page like ads are meant for drawing attention to your page, but specifically targeted to people who are most likely to want to use your services, in order to gain a targeted audience (aka page likes). In other words, you are gathering targeted page likes. People who are raising their hand (aka showing their interest). No, you aren’t “buying” page likes. You are putting your page in front of people who are actually interested in staying connected with you.

Why should you run page like ads?

First of all, it’s an easy way to connect with people. Almost “noncommittal” on their part. They still feel anonymous. Second, it’s a powerful reputation builder. As much as we don’t want to solely seek out page likes (because the wrong ones are actually detrimental to your Facebook business page’s health) we do want people to see our business as strong, healthy, and legitimate. Targeted page likes help with this. Third, because page like ads are the best (and least expensive) way to test out cold traffic audiences. In other words, if you aren’t sure if you’ve got your targeting dialed in, you can test run it through a Facebook page like ad campaign and then verify your new page likes… check them out each day to make sure the ads are bringing in the audience you want to attract. If it’s not, you can adjust your targeting. If it is, you are ready to run more expensive ads. Fourth, because your future advertising efforts on Facebook will reap serious benefits. In other words, having already found your target audience and gathered them as page fans, you can then run ads directly to your page fans… who are more likely to respond to your advertising than non-page fans. Who should I target my page like ads to? There are several audiences you should be targeting and, each audience should be its own ad set. You’ll want to target...Cold traffic. These are people who, while they fit your specific parameters of location & other aspects, have no connection with you whatsoever. Page like ads are an excellent “first-step” connection with cold traffic. Website visitors. These are exactly what you think they might be… traffic that has visited your website. You want people to be as connected with you as possible. If they are visiting your website, and you’ve got relevant content on your website (not a bunch of random hyper-local event & activity posts) there’s a good chance they are targeted traffic. Get them connected with you on Face- book as well.

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