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Email subscribers/IDX registrants. You want to integrate people into as many connection methods as possible. If you have email addresses or phone numbers of leads or clients, then you definitely want them to connect with you on your Facebook business page. So, who should you not be targeting? You shouldn’t be targeting your current page fans… it’s a page like ad! Don’t waste your money running it to people who already like your page. You should not be targeting your fellow real estate agents. Make sure you have created audiences of local real estate agents and that you exclude them in all of your advertising. Not because you are afraid they will do the same thing as you, but because you don’t want to pay to run your ads to an untargeted audience! Here’s an extra tip when it comes to page like ads... After you’ve accumulated at least 1500 targeted page fans, create a new ad set for the cold traffic audience above, but be sure to target only friends of fans. You’ll reap social proof in this audience and find that it responds even better than a simple cold traffic audience. Be forewarned though… don’t do this tactic unless you are absolutely certain that nearly 100% of your page likes are targeted… not fellow colleagues around the country, not unknown paid for likes, but actual, targeted page likes of people who are most likely to use your real estate services. When should you be running Facebook page like ads? From the moment your Facebook business page is active (and I mean setup properly and you are posting relevant content on it several times each day without fail) until you cease your real estate business.

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