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2. Content ads

2.Second of all, you need to be running ads to promote your content. Wait, what? I’ve got to create content and then run ads to it? Well… do you want an online lead generation system that first builds know, like, and trust relationships and then entices people who already want to do business with you… to call you? If you want that kind of business, then yes, you’ve got to spend some time creating highly valuable content and running ads to that content. In other words, you’ve got to give to get. What do I mean by this? I am referring to the fact that you are creating powerful, compelling content on your website. I’m not talking about your Facebook status updates. I’m not talking about your neighborhood pages. I’m talking about content you’ve created that is extremely valuable. Content that answers a question and solves a problem for your target audience. Specifically a thorough and detailed blog post that addresses and solves a specific, relevant problem that your audience has in their journey. Then, you need to run ads that promotes that content… in a way that is more a “sharing” of the content. You definitely want lead capture elements within the content, but this is not about sharing a lead capture page disguised as content. This is about giving your all and sharing the solution to a problem that your audience has. Why should you be running ads promoting your content? For a number of reasons including...The fact that you are showing your audience that you fully understand their needs. Your content is solving their problems. They find your content valuable. In other words… you are working on a piece of the “nurture” element of lead conversion. The other reason is to create a targeted website audience… that you are pixeling and that you can then later run “next step” Facebook ads to. Who should I target my content promotion ads to? There are several audiences you should be target- ing and each audience should be its own ad set.

You’ll want to target...Cold traffic. These are people who, while they fit your specific parameters of location & other aspects, have no connection with you whatsoever.

Website visitors. These are exactly what you think they might be… traffic that has visited your website. You want people to be as connected with you as possible. You want them returning to your website over and over again.

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