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3. Opt-in ads

3. Third, you need to be running lead capture ads. I’m specifically speaking of the preverbal “home value” ad and the “search for homes” ad here. The biggest problem with these types of ads is that they are the first type of ads real estate agents run and they usually run them to cold traffic… traffic that scrolls right on past the ad itself. In reality, these ads are one of the LAST ads you should be running, to a warmer audience. With today’s ability to use ad blockers, most of these ads aren’t even seen by your target audience. They are just another noise maker and are being used to train people to ignore these types of ads. Not only that, but they tend to attract mostly two types of people…The first are the curiosity seekers. Those who have zero intention of buying or selling, but are really just curious. These are the ones that tend to be in your database forever without taking action. They aren’t targeted so they tend to suck up your time and produce very little results. The second are the opinion seekers. Those who have either already listed their home, or are already out looking at homes with an agent. If you want to attract people who aren’t just curious but are committed, people who aren’t connected to an agent but need an agent, you need to change who you target these ads to and when you are targeting them. Why should you be running lead capture ads? You should be running lead capture ads because you want to convert lookers into appointments. That is your primary reason for running lead capture ads…and to make that conversion process happen, you’ve got to run these ads to the right people, at the right time, in the right sequence. Who should I target my lead capture ads to? With lead capture ads, who you target and when you target them is paramount. Website visitors. These are exactly what you think they might be… traffic that has visited your website. You want people to be as connected with you as possible. When you generate solid, targeted, warm traffic to your website, and then run a lead capture ad to that traffic, you are running an ad to someone who is most likely to take action and respond to your lead capture ad. Email subscribers/IDX registrants. You want integrate people into as many connection methods as possible. If you have email address or phone numbers of leads or clients, then you definitely want them to also be interacting and responding to your ads… especially when those ads require a specific action.

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