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Page likes. Assuming of course that you’ve accumulate page likes that are 100% your targeted audi- ence (not your fellow colleagues or friends/family who took pity on you when you begged for page likes) then running lead capture ads to them will give you amazing results. Low cost, high conversion. Page likes act like website visitors… they have a connection with you and are more likely to take action than cold traffic. So, who should you not be targeting? Quick frankly, you should not be targeting cold traffic with these ads. You do not want to spend more per lead than you have to, and you want to have much higher conversion rates, so don’t run direct lead capture ads to cold traffic. You should not be targeting your fellow real estate agents. Make sure you have created audiences of local real estate agents and that you exclude them in all of your advertising. Not because you are afraid they will do the same thing as you, but because you don’t want to pay to run your ads to an untargeted audience! When should you be running Facebook lead capture ads? Once you’ve got audiences that are big enough, you should be running lead capture ads… but you definitely want to watch your frequency rate on your lead capture ads. You don’t want to train your audiences to ignore your lead capture ads. I suggest creating six completely different lead capture ads and rotate them. Run two different ones at a time to the same audiences… for about ten days at a time. You don’t have to continuously create new ads, just a few so you can rotate them. Once you get a series of ads that work for you, run them continuously, never stopping. If you’ve got your Facebook strategic plan set up and running, you’ll always have new people in each of your audi- ences and you’ll want to continuously reach out to your audiences. Plus, not everyone in your audience is ready to see and respond to your ads, so keep them running until they are ready to respond to your lead capture ad. Here’s an extra tip when it comes to lead capture ads...If you want serious results from these types of ads, you need to change your message. Tweak your verbiage from “get your home value” to verbiage that appeals to a real problem they have, that you can solve. An example would be “Are you wondering if that Zestimate you just saw is true?” or “Do you have your doubts that your tax assessment value is your home’s real sellable value?” Both of these are examples of running the same type of ad, but appealing to your audience on a different level. Touching on the thoughts going through their mind, thus getting them to stop on your ad and click through.

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