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4. Nurture ads

4. Fourth, you need to be running fan nurture ads.

This is where you can use the power of your Facebook page likes and Facebook ads to make connections with your audience that don’t directly involve sales, but instead involve reputation build- ing and turn page likes into your tribe.

These are powerful and these are fun. What are fan nurture ads?

Fan nurture ads are things like….. Happy Birthday ads, Holiday ads, time change ads… in other words, you are putting some of your nurture process right into Facebook… where the majority of your audience is. Where your tribe is hanging out. Why should you be running fan nurture ads? If you want to build a business, you need a tribe. A tribe responds to your calls to action. A tribe gets behind you and supports you. A tribe takes a vested interest in your business. When you take a vested interest in your tribe outside of what’s in it for you, your tribe responds. Not to mention, the ads are fun to run. The responses from fans are fabulous and it’s encouraging to see people responding in such a positive manner to your message to them. Don’t destroy your message by trying to sell or promote in these ads. These ads are simply ads because we pay for them. In all other aspects, they are gifts and messages for your tribe, about your tribe. No about you or anything to do with you, other than you are the giver and they are the receiver.

Who should I target my fan nurture ads to?

First and foremost, you want to target your Page likes. Assuming of course that you’ve accumulate page likes that are 100% your targeted audience (not your fellow colleagues or friends/family who took pity on you when you begged for page likes) then running fan nurture ads to them will give you amazing results. It’s a special something, just for them, and they like it. A lot.

So, who should you not be targeting?

You shouldn’t be targeting anyone else except your page likes for fan nurture ads. These are special ads, for special people. Don’t water down your message by trying to target anyone and every- one with these ads.

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