The Client Acquisition Machine for Realtors

You should not be targeting your fellow real estate agents. Make sure you have created audiences of local real estate agents and that you exclude them in all of your advertising. Not because you are afraid they will do the same thing as you, but because you don’t want to pay to run your ads to an untargeted audi- ence! You should be running fan nurture ads as soon as you have enough page likes to run them. Typically right around the 400 page like mark is when you’ll want to start running your fan nurture ads. And, you’ll always want to be building your fan base by continually running your page like ads. You should setup a Happy Birthday ad and run it continuously. As far as other Holiday’s and events, obviously you’d run those around the time frame of the Holiday or event, not contin- uously. Go a step farther… if you do any type of appre- ciation event, or appreciation give-aways, you should run ads to your Facebook tribe inviting them into the fold. It is literally an excuse to give them something… and an opportunity to defrost them completely by potentially meet- ing them in person (depending upon what type of ad and event you are running).

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