The Client Acquisition Machine for Realtors

In today’s world of overwhelming distractions, you need to help your ideal client stay focused… which is why you should be running content specific retargeting Facebook ads. Think of them as “horse blinkers." After they’ve visited your valuable content on your website… maybe they got distracted and didn’t take advantage of the content upgrade or lead magnet you’ve offered in your content. That’s where customer journey ads come in…you are refocusing back to the solution you have for their specific problem. Because if you still believe that “if a consumer finds your website valuable, they’ll come back when they need your services” you need to be pulled from the huge web of deceit that is surrounding you. You’ve been lied to. It’s one of those sayings that there is absolutely ZERO evidence to support. Even back when we used to “bookmark” websites, people still don’t revisit…WITHOUT BEING TOLD to revisit! Without a powerful, relevant reason to revisit. Seriously, people don’t just wake up and think “oh hey, that real estate website that I got the local Christmas lights to visit list from, I need to go visit that website because now I’m ready to list my home and sell it.” WHY we’ve ever believed this lie is beyond me. This means that you need to be running “customer journey” ads to your visitors of specific pages on your website. Who should I target my customer journey ads to? When you’re trying to target with the lead magnet, these ads should only be targeted to people who have visited the content page on your website that houses the lead magnet (or content upgrade) you’re offering. In other words, you’ll need to pixel that traffic specifically, and you’ll need to create complimentary ads, ads that complement the content they’ve already visited, with the intention of encouraging them to respond to the lead magnet you are offering. When you’re trying to target a specific segmentation ad to specific visitors of a specific page, for example, if you have a page for home sellers on your website, you would run some sort of “upgrade” or “next step” ad to people who have visited that page on your website. You’ll set up an audience in Power Editor targeting that page, then you’ll create an ad and run it to that specific audience. You’d do this for all of the most visited pages on your website… at the very least your top 3-5 most visited pages. Once you’ve built out your top 3-5 most visited pages, you’ll go deeper and start creating audiences for even more pages on your website. If you have a blog site (and you definitely should have a blog site), you’ll create audiences for just about every blog you write. This is when it all becomes a big spider web, capturing everyone in every way possible, who has visited your site even one time. So, who should you not be targeting? Literally, everyone else. You should not be targeting anyone except visitors to your content page with these ads. These are very specific and your results will be drastically different if you run such a specific ad to general or generic traffic. The goal here is to move people along their customer journey and into your sales funnel.

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