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5. Engagement ads

5. Fifth, you should be running Engagement Ads

So many agents want reach and engagement, so this is how you get that ever elusive engagement. You run Engagement Ads. What are engagement ads? Engagement ads are exactly what they sound like… an ad that you create whose sole purpose is to get people to engage with that ad. Engagement includes reactions, comments, shares and video views. Engagement ads are about reaching the person on a level that causes them to react, almost compulsively. It resonates with them. Each type of engagement serves a different purpose and has a different benefit, so you’ll want to cater your engagement ads according to the specific type of engagement you want. Why should you be running engagement ads? There are several reasons to be running engagement ads… the two biggest are Facebook and your prospect. Facebook likes to see you putting out content (and ads) that they like…engagement ads are focused on getting positive reactions from people, Facebook likes this. Your prospect likes to feel good, be inspired and look smart. When you run engagement ads that meet one or all three of these aspects, you are creating a highly engaged Face- book page that will benefit you greatly. Like I said earlier, each type of engagement serves a different purpose and has a different benefit… so let’s talk about what those are… First are reactions. Reactions are likes, hearts, etc. When someone reacts to your engagement ad, you get the opportunity to invite them to like your Facebook business page. Second are comments. When someone comments on your engagement ad, you get the opportunity to respond to their comment. This is good! Third are shares. When someone shares your engagement ad, you can often “thank them” for sharing by reacting on the share. It’s MUCH easier to get reactions (likes, hearts, etc) than it is to get comments or shares. Additionally, there are secondary benefits depending upon the engagement type you choose.

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