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6. Customer Journey Ads

6. Sixth, you should be running Customer Journey ads.

I know you’ve heard of retargeting… whether you actually know what it is or not. But, I’m not talking about simple retargeting. I’m talking about “moving people through the customer journey into the sales funnel” type of retargeting. What are customer journey ads? Customer journey ads utilize segmentation and content specific retargeting. First, let’s talk content specific retargeting...Here’s what I mean… say you run a content enhancement ad an awesome blog post on your blog. Remember, within that content, you’ve got a content upgrade (aka a lead magnet) that is relevant to that specific content. Either a uniquely created lead magnet or a content upgrade within the article itself. After people visit that content (on your website), you want them to see ads for that specific lead magnet (or content upgrade) in their Facebook NewsFeed. This is powerful and specific retargeting. You’ve already “defrosted them” when they visited your article on your website and consumed it. Now go deeper and continuing the “defrosting process." This lead magnet should have already been “introduced” to them within the content itself but now, they are seeing it again, in a different way. Maybe they got distracted and didn’t get to opt-in before, and you remind them that you have this for them, so they can opt-in and get their hands on your lead magnet. Second, let’s talk segmentation…Segmentation retargeting ads are very specific ads that are directed to people who have visited specific pages on your website… like home search, home value, neighborhood pages, etc. After they’ve visited the specific page, you target them with a detailed next step, such as an online home value for those who landed on the home sellers page, or housing activity list for a specific neighborhood for those who landed on the specific neighborhood page (or even a piece of content you’ve created specifically for or about that neighborhood that you want to drive them to). In other words, instead of waiting passively for people to (hopefully) keep browsing through and revisiting your website, you are targeting them with what they are specifically looking for and driving them back, over and over again. Why should you be running customer journey ads? Have you ever heard of horse blinkers (some people call them blinders)? Horses sometimes need to be made to focus and blinkers keep the horse’s eye focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind.

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