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When should you be running content specific retargeting Facebook ads? You should be running content specific retargeting ads as soon as you have enough traffic visiting the specific content page. Facebook determines that to be a minimum of 20 people that they are able to pixel. I recommend that you get the audience built up to several hundred people (and keep building that audience through content promotion ads) and start running content specific retargeting ads and then never stopping. If you stop driving traffic via content promotion ads, you’ll need to stop running content specific retargeting ads. Essentially, they are a “twofer.” Run the first one, run the second one. Once you’ve got your audience setup, you should be running the ads continuously. You’ll always have new people visiting the page (if you are driving highly targeted traffic to it), and you’ll want them to see the lead magnet opportunity as soon as possible after they visit that page. Here’s an extra tip when it comes to content specific retargeting ads...I mentioned horse blinkers earlier… here’s the deal, consumers have horse blinkers on when it comes to ads. In other words, blatant ads are now “not seen” by consumers because they scroll right past them, or, they are blocked by ad blockers. You want to get around this and that is why you want to setup a layered series… from driving traffic to content rich pages, to running content specific retargeting ads to visitors of your content rich page. When a consumer has just found a valuable solution to their problem, and then they are offered another, deeper solution, the “see” your “ad.” It stands out. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This is true only if you (the teacher aka the agent) is always there, in a sense waiting, for the student aka the prospect, to be ready to move forward in their home buying or home selling journey.

Make sure as the “teacher” you are always there.

Here’s a bonus tip…

Run segmentation ads to your entire website audience… except in this case, don’t run the “upgrade” or “next step” but instead, run ads to “segment” your traffic. In other words, run ads that point to your valuable seller page, to your entire website audience… driving traffic to that specific page… and then running the versions of segmentation retargeting ads I mentioned above to the traffic that visited those specific pages. So in essence, this is more of a two-step process, done twice. First to drive traffic to specific pages, second to move that traffic to a next step in the journey with you. You are strategically breaking down their walls and building up a know, like, and trust relationship.

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