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7. Event ads

7. Seventh, you should be running event ads.

So… what are event ads? I’m betting you can guess what I mean by event ads, but just to be clear, let me explain. If you are a real estate agent who holds open houses, or you’ve taken a new listing and you’d like to make an “event” of launching that new listing for sale, or you’ve just closed a listing and you’d like to hold some sort of “celebration” event, or you’ve received an awesome video testimonial from a client, or anything else… you should be running “event” ads on these. Now, let me be clear here, running an event ad does not necessarily mean you are holding an actual event, although in the case of an open house, you are holding an actual event. What it means is that you are making a “mini event” out of whatever milestone you’ve just reached. A reason to showcase business happenings out to your audience. Testimonials are fabulous for sharing your story, your expertise, your knowledge, through other people. Through your clients. Testimonials are valuable. When you get video testimonials, it’s even more powerful. In a sense you’ll be creating a case study from your happy clients, of what it’s like to work with you, but they will be sharing their story, not you. In other words, their story will give you authority. Why should you be running event ads? Event ads are an opportunity. They are a deeper layer in your marketing, in your outreach. In fact, they are really your deepest layer. If you aren’t run- ning the other ads I’ve talked about, you shouldn’t be running event ads. Event ads are another reason to showcase who you are and what you do, by show casing your clients and their journey through the home buying or home selling process. Who should I target my event ads to? Event ads are different from other ads. Why? Because your targeting is more specific, depending upon what type of event ad you are running. For example... For open houses, you should be running ads that are dual targeted… first by location (using the map pin in power editor) and second by deepening with specific demographic targeting. For new listings, you should be running multiple targets as well… including location, specific demographic targeting and… your tribe. You’ll want to target your tribe that is interested in the specific listing, whether that be through additional custom audience targeting of people who have visited specific neighborhood pages on your website, have downloaded neighborhood specific lead magnets, are a part of your email database who have expressed interest in or own a house in the specific neighborhood.

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