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For testimonials, your most powerful targeting with them is directly to your tribe… whether that be through your Facebook business page fan base or through your email or website custom audience. All three are powerful indicators of a burgeoning tribe you can bring farther into the fold. So, who should you not be targeting? You really don’t want to waste your time or money on running event ads to a cold audience. If you haven’t started the “defrosting process” as I call it, people are not going to respond to your event ads. So avoid cold audiences. Also, avoid simply targeting all event ads to the same audience. Go deeper and more specific. If you want people to show up at your open house, or take notice of your new listing, or listen and react to a testimonial, you have to target the right people for each one of those. So don’t just target all of your various audiences. Take the time to figure out the right audience, depending upon the specific event ad type. When should you be running event ads on Facebook? Event ads are about the last ads you should be running. They require the most foundation, IF you want high quality responses. I’m betting you do, so hold off running event ads until you’ve built a solid foundation… a solid foundation on your website, a solid foundation within your email database, a solid foundation on your Facebook business page. There is serious power in event ads, when they are run to a strong audience. Don’t mess up building your foundation just so you can run an ad for an open house. Be strategic. Think it through. Build it up. Then run your event ads. Here’s an extra tip when it comes to event ads…Want to see some serious results? Setup a strategy for obtaining video testimonials. Someone else sharing their journey, sharing their story, sharing how using your services change their lives that is powerful. In fact, if you haven’t had any closings, or you don’t have people you can reach out to that will do a video testimonial, create a different type of testimonial...Whatever neighborhood you want to dominate in, start connecting with homeowners there and build a resource of video testimonials for that neighborhood. Find owners who love this neighborhood and are willing to share their love of the neighborhood on video… so that you can share that with other people who might be interested in living in that neighborhood.

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