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Like many of my peers in the profession, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a lawyer. Back in the day, I was fascinated with the study of human genetics. So I went through my undergraduate years in biochemistry, parsing incredibly complicated chemical reactions and gaining a working understanding of human anatomy. From the Lab to the Courtroom

I loved the challenge and depth of the field, but when I graduated and secured the first job of my career, working at an ARUP Genetics laboratory in Salt Lake City, I began to understand the true nature of the career path I was on. Every day, I would get exactly 144 blood samples and run them through the exact same 10-hour process. I wondered, after basically going through an identical day for the hundredth time, whether this was the right path for me. Unsurprisingly, I realized it wasn’t, so I began to look into other things I might be able to do with my life. I quickly became intrigued with the law field, curious about the dynamic nature of the work and the potential to have a real impact on the lives of people who would really depend on me to get to the bottom

“Though I didn’t do anything big, it was

incredible outcomes for the people we serve, even in the most dire of situations.

deeply gratifying to help out this family that was just struggling to stay afloat, even if it was in this small way.”

Just recently, I had the privilege of handling a case that really illustrates the amazing things we have the opportunity to do for our clients. My client had been severely rear-ended in a car crash, and as a result, had become seriously injured and was unable to work. He was a young, married guy, only about 26 years old with three kids under the age of 4, and all of a sudden, their primary source of income was completely wiped out. At one point, my client was

of their case. I got a job clerking at a medical malpractice firm and almost immediately fell in love with the work. I made it through the gauntlet of law school and got a job at another law firm in St. George. When I heard about an opening at The Advocates, I jumped at the chance to come over and take control of my own set of cases rather than serving the interests of another attorney. While I’ve only been with The Advocates for a few months, it’s already obvious to me that I made the right choice. The team is incredible, always collaborating to drive cases forward in the best interest of their clients. Everyone gets personally invested in the work we’re doing, which clearly results in some

essentially forced to become homeless. While his wife and kids were sleeping in his mother-in-law’s extra bedroom, he was sleeping in his truck — there simply wasn’t room for him. They struggled so much for money that my client couldn’t afford to register his vehicle. When he got pulled over for the unregistered truck, he couldn’t afford to pay the fine, either, so later he got put in jail. I reached out to his wife, who was at home with these three little kids, and she had no way to fix the problem. Though her husband had gotten another job with a much lower income, his paycheck wouldn’t arrive for another week, and when it did, she had no idea where to go to collect it. • 1 Continued on Page 3

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