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T hriving O ver 50

Joe Latina, Patterson Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International “Develop relationships, learn from others, stay true to your morals”

hat is your great- est professional accomplishment? Serving as president of CORFAC International. What is your most notable project, deal or transaction? Contributing to the expan- sion of Middletown, Delaware by assisting in the develop- ment of and negotiating the sale of multiple large parcels that ultimately became shop- ping centers, pad sites, indus- trial facilities, office buildings, amenities, apartments, and single-family homes. Assisting in the creation of over 250 new W

panel discussions and compose thought leadership articles for industry publications. Who or what has been the strongest influence in your career? Over 32 years in CRE your influencers tend to change as you grow. Certainly, Charlie Woods and Duncan Patterson, the founders of Patterson- Woods, were a strong influ - ence in my early accomplish- ments. As my career evolved, I learned to never stop listening and learning. I have gained a great deal of knowledge from my partners across the

country and continue to learn today from our next-gen future leaders. What impact has social media/networking had on your career? As is the case with every industry, social media has been a game changer for us. The ability to have real-time engagement with our clients, potential clients and col- leagues generates increased awareness and inquires and enhanced relationships. The limitless boundaries of social media gives us the ability to reach more people in more places than we ever thought possible. Tell us how and when you began your career in the profession you are in, about your current posi- tion and why you choose the field/profession you are in today: After college I was work- ing in the family restaurant business, I had done a few internships and had several interviews. A childhood friend had been in the business a few years and was doing well. I decided to get licensed and started my career in late 1989. I remained working in the res- taurant business during my off hours, primarily working as a bartender, which I believe was very instrumental in develop- ing my social skills. Back then, we didn’t have many training options. In fact, I believe that I was given a desk, a phone book (no computers yet), a rolodex (empty, of course) and a push- button phone. Growing up in the restaurant business I be- gan to reach out to the people that I knew, that, combined my knowledge of the industry lead to the sale and leasing of restaurants and bars, which evolved into general retail sales and leasing, develop- ment, investment and, more recently industrial. What were some of your early goals and did any - thing happen to change them? My initial goal was to create an entrepreneurial career and lifestyle for myself that would give me financial security and the ability to have a family, while still giving me the oppor- tunity to create wealth with- out barriers or limitations. What unique qualities and or personality do you feel continued on page 28A

Joe Latina Years with company/firm: 32 Years in field: 32 Years in real estate industry: 32 Real estate organizations/ affiliations: CORFAC International

restaurants and bars either through sale, leasing or devel- opment. How do you contribute to your company and / or the industry? I am a partner and part

of the leadership team at Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties. I am involved in the daily decision-making and the development and men- toring of our young brokers. I frequently participate in

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