Catesby Prospectus

DETAILED SPECIFICATION The edition comprises 50 complete sets of all 265 watercolours numbered 1/50 to 50/50 with an additional 10 sets hors de commerce numbered HC I/X to HC X/X. Of these sets 31/50 to 50/50 are now to be issued fully bound in four volumes The facsimile edition of the watercolours is printed on 150 gsm acid-free Mo- hawk Superfine soft-white eggshell paper by stochastic lithography, hand-printed, one colour at a time, on a FAG flatbed proofing press. Each facsimile is mounted on 250 gsm mould-made Somerset paper from St Cuthberts Mill, Wells. The ac- companying text is printed on 175 gsm mould-made paper. The Royal Library catalogue number will be hand-written in pencil immediately below the printed image. A blind-embossed chop incorporating the publishing mark and copyright symbol of the Royal Library and Alecto Historical Editions together with the year of publication are stamped on the bottom right-hand cor- ner of each sheet. The Preface is by the Royal Librarian Jane Roberts. Mark Catesby’s original Preface follows and his original text accompanies each image. There are compre- hensive indices together with Catesby’s descriptions of Carolina and the Bahama Islands. A list of subscribers and colophon sheet complete Volume IV. The four volumes will be bound in full red leather, with hand-marbled endpa- pers. The decorative tooling will be in gold leaf with King George III’s crown, as used by the Royal Library, blocked on the front board.The title and volume num- bers will be blocked in gold on black leather lettering pieces. Overall size of each volume is 605 x 434mm (24 x 17 inches). The Royal Library has undertaken not to allow the publication of a subsequent facsimile of the watercolours until at least fifty years have passed from the comple- tion of this edition.


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