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It’s been quite a year for me and the law firm.

If you haven’t written a review yet, please feel free to add your own. It’s free to do and extremely helpful for me. I read literally every review that gets posted online. Feedback is important, and it informs me on how I can be a better attorney. When I know I’m doing something right, I can figure out how to do the same thing even better and for a greater number of people. As the year started to wind down, my daughter Jade turned four. It’s been so much fun watching her grow from a toddler to this mini person. She’s learning about the world and now can clearly tell me about everything going on in her imagination.

Early in 2018, my mother passed away. As I shared in the May edition of the newsletter, my mom was a teacher, artist, and a volunteer. She even jammed with Jimi Hendrix during college. It’s always a challenge when a parent passes and even more so when they had such a positive effect on your life.

At the law firm, the year started off on the slow side as we got up to speed on a number of different cases. Thankfully, by the time spring arrived, we were anything but slow. The firm was pushing

forward at full speed. I worked with many new clients and just flat-out got things done. It was a good feeling — and that momentum has yet to let up! One of the high points in the spring was a great jury verdict. It had been a particularly challenging criminal case, but the end result was three counts of not guilty. It was a hard- fought case, for sure, and it’s the kind of win that sticks with you.

Looking forward, I’m ecstatic to see what next year brings. Jade will

continue to grow and explore, and I have no doubt she’ll fall in love with more Disney characters. I can’t even begin to guess what she’ll want to dress up as for next Halloween.

As for the office, well, 2019 is going to be a busy year. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to our next steps as a firm. We are working full time behind the scenes on some very exciting things, including bringing on new team members as we continue to grow.


Over the course of the year, I’ve also noticed an uptick in five-star reviews from clients. That, too, is a good feeling. It’s heartening when I read a review and see the kind words of appreciation from a client. I’ve said it before, and I want to say it again: Thank you to everyone who has taken a moment to write a review on websites like Google and Avvo.

Of course, my No. 1 goal is always to find ways to better serve our clients. Whether it’s by adding new staff or putting together fresh resources, you can be sure my thoughts are squarely on you, our clients.

–Matthew Konecky


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