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When Roxanne and I started out on our own 25 years ago, we never dreamed that Rebound Physical Therapy would one day have well over 40 staff in multiple locations, as well as several wellness and sports performance programs for adults and kids. (Continued inside)


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I take personal pride in our great staff and the results they achieve with our patients. More importantly, I consider it an honor to have worked with just over 40 of the best Physical Therapists that this area has known. Even though Rebound has seen a few great Physical Therapist professionals come and go over the years, I know that we have both moved the bar higher for quality Physical Therapy AND the compassionate care of over 50,000 people in our community. All that from what started as a little mom-and-pop Physical Therapy Clinic and a Physical Therapist shooting for the dream of making a difference in people’s lives. Thanks for being there Topeka, you make the difference! Paul Silovsky PT & Founder

I love the profession of Physical Therapy, but I must now say that I have also loved engaging with all the people and businesses in our community just as much! Twenty-five years makes us the longest standing Physical Therapy private practice in Topeka, and it may sound funny, but I feel like Rebound is just getting started. It is kind of a cool feeling to be 25 again! Roxanne and I have been surrounded by a great team of therapists, executives, personal trainers, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and community health partners. We are honored to have been touched by all our co-workers over the years while having the opportunity to help build a culture of improved ability and a healthier lifestyle for those we serve. We have also been blessed to work with some of the best Doctors and Nurses in the Midwest. Despite all the drastic changes in health care administration over the scope of 25 years, we have somehow managed to keep the patients and our community health partners at the core of our priorities and culture. There is nothing more important to Rebound than the number of people we can positively influence to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our Mission here at Rebound includes assisting our community practitioners in helping their patients live an active and healthy lifestyle.

INSIDE: • What a Difference 25 Years Makes! • She Was MY PT • Free Workshop: October 29th • Open House: November 14th • Patient Success Spotlight • October is... National PT Month! • Winner of The Best of Topeka: Rebound Physical Therapy!

SHE WAS MY PT Celebrating Kathy's 42 Years of Care!

Rebound Physical Therapy Winner of the Best of Topeka! Can you tell that I absolutely LOVE Kathy, both as my friend and as a physical therapist? She is the epitome of what an outstanding physical therapistshouldstrive tobe.Kathywillbemissed by so many of us from Rebound South! I am happy for her as she retires. I wish her many yearsof joy, relaxation, family time,andwhatever she seeks in her retirement. Good luck, Kathy Selig!" – Betsy Whatever issue that I am dealing with, Kathy always seems happy to help. Because of her help, I am still able to live a normal and active life. She is so encouraging at every step and even points out when progress is made. Kathy always has realistic expectations for each client, depending on age, level of activity, and personal goals. She is always encouraging and keeps each patient on the course she has mapped out for them. At the end of each scheduled course of therapy, Kathy has always made me feel welcome to return to Rebound on an as-needed basis – and I have! Kathy has helped me become a true "success story" innumerable times, more times than I can count, as she has been my PT for more years than either of us wants to admit to.

My first physical therapy experience was right here in Topeka, early in 1982. While playing football at Washburn, I sustained an injury in 1981 that required major knee reconstruction. After my first surgeon left

In closing, even though Kathy plans to retire from active PT practice at the end of October, she will never be retired in the hearts of those she has so carefully and competently touched over the last 42 years.Kathywillbedearlymissed,butcertainlynever retired in the memories of all those people that can proudly say, ‘She Was My PT!’ Paul Silovsky PT, Owner - Rebound Physical Therapy Patient Success Story "Kathy Selig has been 'the one and only' Physical Therapist in my long life of orthopedic issues! I have continued to work with Kathy because of the many qualities she exemplifies as the professional and friend that she is, and I will miss her so much as she retires! Kathy is kind, caring, positive, and ever so pleasant with her clients. She also is always professional and knowledgeable, no matter the orthopedic problem each person presents with. Kathy has helped me many times after my various surgeries, from shoulder to knee, or from hip to back. There have been other times that I have been here for recurring painful episodes that happen to many of us as we go through life.

OCTOBER IS... NATIONAL PT MONTH! I can confidently say that there is not an Orthopedic Outpatient Physical Therapist in Topeka who has cared for more patients than Kathy Selig! I am very, very happy that I met Kathy 37 years ago. Kathy’s careandprofessionalismhelpedsolidifyand inspire mydecisiontobecomeaPhysicalTherapist in1987. Proudly, Kathy has created a legacy practice within a practice here at the Rebound South Clinic during the last 15 years. Topeka, my athletic trainer sent me to Dr. Mike McCoy as one of the first Washburn athletes he treated.Afterward, Iwas insignificantneedofsome professionalguidance togetmebackon thefieldof play.KathySeligwasMyPT!Thatmakesmeaminor partofher42yearsofexcellentdelivery,andheartfelt care to thousands of patients right here in Topeka! Here Is What I Have to Say About That:

1. Physicaltherapy ismostbeneficial whenusedbeforean issuebecomes chronic and even as a means to prevent future injury. Your physical therapist can provide you an exercise regimen tohelpstrengthenyourbody and keep joints healthy, flexible, and moving properly. Exercising regularly canhelpyouunderstandproper lifting mechanics and their importance in everyday life. Practicing proper posture can prevent many different types of injuries. 2. The best thing that you can do is seek treatment as immediately following the development of your pain as possible. Muscle aches and joint pain tend to grow worse over time. The longer you let your pain go

untreated, the more severe the pain is likely to become and more difficult to heal. Physical therapy can have a huge impact on alleviating pain from muscleand jointaches,but theearlier you start, the better off you will be. 3. Physical therapy is the best strategy to overcome chronic pain and is helpful at all ages. About 30% of adults over 18 struggle with chronic back pain, and that number is even higher for those who are over 65. Turning to pain medication only masks the pain without addressing the issue—meaning the pain always comes back. Your physical therapist will tailor therapy methods to your needs, helping you achieve the best results possible.


Patient Success Spotlight


I can now walk without pain, go up and down stairs and I have my life back."

"I came to Rebound after a total knee replacement. I had the best therapists, Brooke, Jessica, Ashley and Ryan. Your staff here are awesome, so kind, caring and encouraging. I have totally recovered from my surgery after 6 weeks of therapy at Rebound. I can now walk without pain, go up and down stairs and I have my life back. I can't express enough how much I appreciate my experience here at Rebound. If I ever need therapy again or need to recommend a friend for therapy, it will be to Rebound. Thank you for so very much!" – Anita

Main Clinic - Hillsdale 5220 SW 17th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66604


FREE WORKSHOP Helping You Help Yourself


To celebrate our 25 years of excellence, please join us on November 14th, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Our Open House Event will be held at our Main Clinic at Hillsdale. (5220 SW 17th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66604). Hors d'oeuvres and Refreshments will be provided, as well as guided tours through the facility.

Learn How to Handle the Largest Joint in the Body! Burt DeWeese, PT and Toni Drinkard, DPT • Have you ever felt like your knee joint is “catching” or “locking” or will give away? • Do you have knee pain and difficulty walking up and down stairs? • Do you have difficulty sitting with your knee bent for long periods, such as on an airplane or at the movies? • Do you wonder if physical therapy would be helpful to you? Join us for a FREE workshop to learn: • The most common causes of knee pain. • A sure-fire way to pick the right treatment for the cause of your pain. • How a problem in your hip or foot can affect pain and function with the knee. • What successful treatment and permanent relief looks like without the side effects of medications, injections or surgery. Tuesday, October 29 th , 2019 @ 6:30 p.m. Rebound Physical Therapy

Kindly RSVP to Roxanne Silovsky at 785-249-0809 by November 7th.

5220 SW 17th Street Topeka, KS 66604 (785) 271-5533 Call to reserve your seat today!

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