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Data Fusion Next-Gen Skip Trace & Asset Investigation Marla D Thompson| EVP- Surety Solutions

Volume 2 Issue 1


What is all the fuss about “data fusion” for locating individuals, companies and their as- sets? “Data fusion” simply means integrating data, and the fuss is the wealth of information discoverable from the demographic (household and persons characteristics), geographical, media, and online presence linked by data fusion to the known archival sources.

indemnitors’ next moves, find potential witnesses and/or partners in crime, identify patterns of asset transfers or moving assets offshore, or find hidden assets, to name a few. Bottom line - whether you are an under- writer or broker seeking to verify information on a bond application or collateral security agreement, a claim handler trying to find your indemnitors who

promised to protect the surety related to the hot claim on your desk, or an attorney seeking infor- mation to strategize your client’s case or enforce a judgment - you need current, real-time, accurate and actionable data, and you need it now. You have your tried and true archival data- bases giving you credit header and known public information; isn’t that enough? Consider this- it is commonly said in data verification circles that just over 10 years ago, about one in every 20 people had an online “profile”; by profile I mean their personal online presence which allowed others to see their interest and activities. Continued on Page three

By accessing search tools that constantly update the links between historical information and data revealed by behavioral trends, patterns of socializing, personal beliefs, associations with others, travel, online preferences and postings on social media you may just find that bit of live infor- mation that delivers what you need to know right now. Should obtaining live real-time consumer data based on consumer transaction history and social-demographic sources interest the surety industry? Only if you want to find your missing indemnitor who appears to be MIA, predict the

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