Board of Trustees Agenda May 14 and 15

Central Washington University Board of Trustees May 14, 2020 Executive Summary – State Biennial Capital Budget Priorities

Washington state funds capital funding on a biennial cycle. Funding rarely for other than an academic facility, and includes cash, bonds, and the appropriation of CWU’s trust funds for minor capital renovations and facility upgrades. To date, it is unclear whether there will be any changes to the capital request process, despite anticipated deep reductions in the state budget due to the COVID-19 impact. CWU intends to proceed with capital budget requests, which are due to the state budget office August 15, 2020. In the 2019-21 biennium, the state has appropriated to CWU $5 million for designing the Health Education project. This project will renovate and add to Nicholson Pavilion, which has not been renovated thoroughly since its construction in 1959. In the session just completed, the legislature approved a supplemental capital appropriation, which partially funded our Campus Security Enhancement project. This project will fill mission-critical and life- safety gaps in emergency response and preparedness infrastructure. For the 2021-23 biennium, which begins on July 1, 2021, CWU’s focus and top priority will be about $55 million in funding for the construction of Health Education. In addition to this major construction project, the following capital projects, alphabetized in their respective state budget categories and with estimated costs, will be included in our capital request: 1. Major Construction Projects (multi-biennia): o Arts Education Complex (Predesign), $350,000 o Humanities Complex (Design), $5 million 2. Renovation Projects (single biennium): o Mitchell Hall, $4.9 million o Psychology Building, $4.9 million o Student Medical and Counseling Center, $4.9 million 3. Other (Infrastructure and Acquisition):

o Green Systems & Infrastructure Upgrades, $7.9 million o Sammamish Instructional Site Acquisition, $9 million The attribute for each capital project is summarized in the alphabetized list below. Arts Education (Predesign)

CWU will request funding to predesign an new Arts Education Complex, with a tentative construction target in the 2025-2027 biennium. This facility will accommodate needs for classroom, specialized labs

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