Liberty Foundry Co™ G500 Assembly Instructions

INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR “Sampson the Grate” Fireplace Grate • G500-20 • G500-24 • G500-28 • G500-36

Tools required: 11/16” Wrench or Adjustable Wrench

STEP 1 Remove all parts from the carton and place on a at level surface.

STEP 2 Locate the Right (500-6R or 500-8R), Center(s) (500-C) and Left Sections (500-6L or 500-8L) of the grate and arrange them in order as shown (see illustration below).

Dissambled Grate (G500-24 shown)

STEP 3 Align the holes on the Right and Left Sections with the holes on each side(s) of the Center Section(s). Insert a bolt through the holes from the top down, and secure it with a nut from the bottom. Do not tighten the nuts with the wrench until you have all of the bolts inserted through the holes. Tighten nuts snuggly, DO NOT over-tighten.


STEP 4 Turn the grate assembly over to attach the legs. Attach legs as listed below: G500-20 : (2 legs) attach in center slot of left and right end pieces. G500-24 : (2 legs) attach in center slot of left and right end pieces. G500-28 : (2 legs) attach in center slot of left and right end pieces. G500-32 : (4 legs) attach in center slot of each piece. G500-36 : (4 legs) attach in center slot of each piece leaving center piece w/o leg.

Align the hole in the leg with the leg slot on each section. Insert a bolt through the leg slot, then through the leg on each section and secure with a nut (hand tight). Do not tighten with a wrench at this time.

STEP 5 Turn the grate over on the legs and place it on a at rm surface. You may adjust the pitch of the grate by sliding the legs forward or backward in the leg slots. This will allow you to adjust the height of the front or rear of the grate. You may want to adjust the front of the grate higher to reduce the chance of log rollout. STEP 6 Once you have the grate positioned, make sure all of the legs are in the same position and even, then tight- en the nuts with the 11/16” wrench snuggly, DO NOT over-tighten. You are now ready to position the grate in your replace. STEP 7 Place the grate in your replace with the narrow width of the grate toward the rear of the replace. Note, all Bolt Heads should be showing from the top of the grate and all of the nuts should be on the bottom of the grate (see illustration below).

Assembled Grate (G500-24 shown)

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