Lewis Maclean - March 2020

MARCH 2020

Say Goodbye to Your Worries in Spring

Water can cause a lot of headaches. If left unchecked and undrained, it can get everywhere and cause significant damage to your property. Last month, we talked about drainage issues and things to watch out for when it rains (and keeps raining). This month, I want to turn your attention to water one more time. In the spring, many people turn on their outside taps for the first time in months. As you do this, keep a close eye out for leaks at the base of the tap, in hoses, or in pipes leading under your home. You should also do a walk-around and spend a few minutes watching them run. The problem is that leaks might not be obvious at first. Cracked pipes, hoses, and taps may take a while to start showing the signs of leakage. More often than not, it’s little more than a drip. However, a simple drip can easily turn into a big problem. Over the next few months, monitor crawl spaces and window wells. You should also do a visual inspection of walls and ceilings. Look for moisture, water beading, and blistered paint. Leaking water can slowly accumulate behind paint creating blisters, or bubbles, in the wall. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Just like we recommend HVAC inspections, spring is the perfect time for a plumbing inspection. Our plumbing techs can make sure everything is good to go with your pipes and taps or identify anything that needs repair. That way, the worst-case scenario — flooding or damage to your home — never takes place, giving you peace of mind.

your air conditioner is ready for summer. March, April, and May are generally mild months in the Lower Mainland. We get cool, rainy days, mixed with mildly warm days, so many people don’t turn on their air conditioners until that first hot day of summer. However, when you wait for the first hot day of the year to turn on your air conditioning, you run the risk of something going wrong. I’m not saying something will go wrong, but if it does, you may be left without air conditioning until you can repair or replace your unit. And when it’s hot out, you could be in for a long wait. Why the long wait? Every year, on that first hot day of summer, we get an influx of calls from people who’ve turned on their air conditioning for the first time in many months to find it’s not flowing properly. Maybe their unit isn’t powering on correctly or isn’t blowing cool air, or maybe there’s a rattling sound that wasn’t there before. When you schedule a routine inspection and maintenance in the spring, you can catch any issues before you need your air conditioning. Plus, you can easily schedule an appointment without stress and worry. We’ll make sure everything gets taken care of, and come summer, you’ll be ready to go!

Now, I want to talk about air conditioning for a moment. Spring is a good time to make sure

–Tyler Dillon

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