03-16 OPTION 3 Proposed Design Revisions for Grade 1 TE


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STEP 2 Apply to Text • Cite Text Evidence  Tell children they will reread a part of Blackout to answer questions about story elements and find evidence to support their responses. • Read aloud item 1 on Student Edition page 37. Then have children reread pages 16–19. Tell them to look for clues in the words and pictures to tell what problem the family has. (They are in a blackout; the electricity is not working.) Write the problem on the Anchor Chart. • Then read aloud item 2 with children. Tell them to use the pictures to explain the order of events. • As needed, prompt them with these questions: How are the pictures different? (The top picture has a lot of lights on, and the bottom picture has just a few lights on.) How do the pictures show the order of events? (The pictures show that the lights went out a little at a time.) • Work with children to add information about the story’s solution to the Anchor Chart.

STEP 3 Engage and Respond: Writing • Talk About It  Read aloud the prompt on Student Edition page 39. Use the THINK-PAIR-SHARE ROUTINE to have children discuss how 1. 2. Use details from Blackout to answer these questions with a partner. How can you tell the characters care about each other? Describe how a character’s feelings change as the night passes. TEKS 1.4D, 1.5A ELPS 3.E, 3.H, 4.G


Talking Tip Complete the sentence to add your own idea to what

the boy’s sister changes from the beginning of the story to the end. • Write About Reading THE END

others say. My idea is




Student Edition , p. 35

Before children start writing, read aloud the reminders at the bottom of Student Edition page 39. Then have children write their responses to the prompt. Remind them to refer back to Blackout to locate text evidence in the words and pictures to support their ideas. SMALL-GROUP Reinforce story structure as needed during small‑group time to support children’s need for differentiation. See pp. 76–77.


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